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Science behind Garnaut Report flawed, inquiry told April 15, 2009

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Science behind Garnaut Report flawed, inquiry told

ABC News – April 15, 2009,

An inquiry into the Federal Government’s climate change policy has been told there are major flaws in the science underpinning Australia’s stance.

The Government commissioned economist Ross Garnaut to help shape its climate change strategy.

But an environmental geologist from James Cook University, Robert Carter, has told a Senate inquiry the basis for Professor Garnaut’s report is wrong.

He says there is no evidence humans are causing changes in climate patterns.

“The Stern Report and the Garnaut Report in Australia are both reports by distinguished economists – they have no basis in scientific expertise,” he said.

“It is never a good move to appoint someone to a review committee who is not competent to judge the basis for the whole review, but that is what the British and Australian Governments did.”

ETS defended

Meanwhile, Federal Climate Change Minister Penny Wong has defended the Government’s plan to reduce carbon emissions.

A group of scientists from the CSIRO have criticised the Government’s emissions trading scheme because they believe the target is far too low.

But Senator Wong says the Government’s strategy is ambitious and recognises the need for urgent action.

“We are putting forward as a government, a scheme for the first time that will reduce Australia’s emissions,” she said.

“We are putting forward a scheme that will have targets which will see a very substantial reduction into the future in Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions.”



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