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BET OFFERED by Tim Blair April 14, 2009

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Tim Blair, Tuesday, April 14, 09 (03:16 am)

The Los Angeles Times last week listed the terrible effects of global warming upon Australia, including:

• depression
• weeping
• broken families
• drought
• floods
• mosquito-borne illnesses
• economic collapse
• killer heat waves
• koala deaths
• destruction of entire towns
• Ferris wheel ruination
• rail warpage
• flying fox annihilation
• field desiccation
• tree shriveling
• orchard abandonment
• business closures
• collapse of agriculture “and the nation’s ability to feed itself”
• Victorian farmers killing themselves at rate of one per week (“hanging is the preferred method”)
• pear stunting
• burned apples
• water restrictions in ”every capital in Australia’s eight states and territories”
• urban bucketing
• toilet drinking
• surviving on rainwater or “what they can scrounge or buy”
• delayed burials
• crocodile attacks
• hemorrhagic dengue fever
• bleached coral
• reef extinction
• retreating forests
• white lemuroid ringtail possum endangerment
• abandoned settlements, and
• unliveable coastlines

The Times now revisits this subject in an editorial:

In the 1959 Gregory Peck classic “On the Beach,” humanity’s last holdouts in the aftermath of a global nuclear war huddle in Australia and wait for the inevitable atomic wind to carry the rest of the species away. When it comes to today’s real-world climate crisis, though, Australia is going first, not last

Climate skeptics believe that Australia is simply in the midst of a cyclical change in weather patterns, or that the steel-warping temperatures turning the interior into a Martian landscape are the result of a natural warming period rather than a phenomenon with human causes. Most of these skeptics live outside Australia.

Only someone who lives outside Australia would refer to the interior being turned into a Martian landscape; it’s been that way for as long as humans have known it. Does anyone at this paper care for a wager? I’ll put a lazy billion on Australia (and Australians) outlasting the LA Times. Hell, let’s make it $100 billion. They need the money, after all.

UPDATE. NRO’s Greg Pollowitz doubts the LA Times. If it weren’t for all these dead flying foxes and white lemuroid ringtail possums piling up on my laptop, I’d send him an email.

UPDATE II. From the LA Times archives:

How embarrassing it must be for Australian Prime Minister John Hunt to be seen worldwide refusing even temporary entrance to Asia’s latest bedraggled boat people.

Most Times staffers live outside Australia.


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