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“Carbon fast” for lent? April 4, 2009

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“Carbon fast” for lent?

From YahooNews, April 4, 2009

The idea of a “green” Lent was launched last year by two British Anglican bishops, who called for a “carbon fast,” Bingham told AFP.

“We sent an email to the 30,000 people on our mailing list and we suggested tips to try to be as environmentally friendly as you can be,” she said.

Among the tips: giving up your car, turning down the heat or buying local.

“This year, I gave up meat. Last year, I turned off my heat. I had to wear a ski parka inside my house. My children would not visit, they thought I’d gone crazy,” Bingham said.

Another Catholic group, the St Paul Newman Center in Fresno, California, is organizing a “Lent program on global warming.”




1. Brian Valentine - April 7, 2009

Such pseudo-pious ranting used to irritate me; now it angers me. So I am going to buy a Hummer and I am going to throw artificial fertilizer and weed control where ever I can – and leave the lights on and the windows open with the heat turned up.

It will waste money but improve my mood.

On the subway train I saw a young man sitting while reading a prayer book. He looked very devout and pious. But standing right next to the young man was an elderly woman who was disabled. The young man was oblivious to the presence of the woman, or her presence meant nothing to him.

That episode, encapsultes all the meaning of the Reverend Bishop’s unctuous advice to the sheeple

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