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Al Gore explains why he snubbed Earth Hour April 1, 2009

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Al Gore explains why he snubbed Earth Hour

April 1st, 2009

Al Gore has finally come out to explain why his house was lit like a Christmas tree during Earth Hour on Saturday night.

He explained that he started feeling guilty at the plight of those starving to death in Africa, particularly those in Chad where the government has banned the use of charcoal to “prevent climate change”.

He said he has realised the impact his global warming alarmism has had on those in developing nations. He said he feels guilty and ashamed that he has raked in hundreds of millions of dollars whilst the poorest in the world are suffering due to the lack of basic electricity. He said the fact that the world was no warmer today than it was in 1998 and that apocalyptic climate disasters haven’t materialised, have made him look like a fool.

He said that he snubbed Earth Hour to draw attention to those in the world who do not even have electricity and that he has promised to start building coal fired plants in Africa to enable the locals access to what we in the developed world have taken for granted.


1. Pete S - April 1, 2009

Oh, if only it was not April the first!

2. Bruce - April 1, 2009

That is a sick and offensive use of poverty to make an April fool “joke”. More the fool is you.

3. honestclimate - April 1, 2009

Global poverty is no joke. Al Gore and his cronies are.

If you click on the link above re the Charcoal ban in Chad you will see how seriously twisted the whole climate change alarmism has got. I’ll quote here:

“Chadians must find other ways to cook and forget about charcoal and wood as fuel. Cooking is of course a fundamental necessity for every household. On the other hand…with climate change every citizen must protect his environment.”

Chadians(who are of the world’s poorest) must now starve to death to combat climate change whilst Al Gore lives off the rich pickings of his climate change alarmism? That is NO joke. But nobody cares about Africa, do they?

P.S. I will continue to highlight the plight of those starving to death in Africa. If you don’t like it, then I suggest that you don’t visit this website.

4. PeterT - April 1, 2009

The reason nobody cares about Africa is because they ain’t got oil. Sad but true.

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