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Canadian Prairie Winter Temperature Anomalies Drop By 6.6- 7.1 Degrees C in Just Three Years March 23, 2009

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Canadian Prairie Winter Temperature Anomalies Drop By 6.6- 7.1 Degrees C in Just Three Years


By Matt Vooro

For decades we have been urged by IPCC and various AGW supporting scientists to urgently prepare for unprecedented global warming. Yet only few years after the issue of their 2007 or latest report, exactly the opposite is happening. The entire planet is cooling and significantly. Some governments have implemented carbon tax and most are proposing more ‘back door taxes’ through the ‘cap and trade’ mechanism to fight even more global warming.

Sounds to me like another groundless search for weapons of mass destruction that never ever existed. Good taxpayer money is again being wasted for what purpose.

Global cooling is projected to last for another 20- 30 years and the future is likely one of alternating cycles of cooling and warming rather than unprecedented warming for 100years. (Don Easterbrook)

How Come The Media Is Giving IPCC A Free Ride Despite The Flawed Results?

Recent Global And Canadian Evidence Of Global Cooling

1] Global air temperature anomalies have been dropping for 3 years from 0.482C in 2005 to 0.325C in 2008.

2] Global sea surface temperature anomalies have been dropping for 5 years from 0.383C in 2003 to 0.274C in 2008

3] Southern hemisphere sea surface temperature anomalies have been dropping for 6 years from 0.372C in 2002 to 0.287C in 2008

4] The northern hemisphere sea surface temperature anomalies have been dropping for 5 years from 0.479C in 2003 to 0.261C in 2008

5] Canadian national annual temperature departures from the 1948 -2008 trend have been declining for two years from 2.4C in 2006 to 0.7C in 2008



6] Canadian west coast annual temperature departures from the 1948-2008 trend have been declining for four years from 1.5C in 2004 to -0.1 in 2008

7] Canadian national winter temperature departure from 1948-2009 trend has been dropping for 3 years from 3.9C in 2006 to 0.3C in 2009

8] The average winter temperature anomalies from the 1948-2009 trend for the three Canadian prairie provinces have dropped some 6.6 to 7.1 degrees C in only three years since 2006

IPCC projected decadal increases of 0.2 C degrees for each of the next 2 decades and 2 to 6 C by 2100. The observed historical trend is closer to 1.5 C per century during the last several years since 2005 actual temperatures are cooling at � 0.157 C per three years or equivalent of -0.52 C per decade per CRUtem 3 global air temperatures. Read more on how Matt ties the changes to the PDO and uses that to project ahead here.


1. Rob Pattison - March 25, 2009

The climate changes! That is what the climate does. In the Middle Ages there was a tax, but it wasn’t called a tax it was paid to the church to guarantee a seat in Heaven. They were called Indulgencies. No one got into Heaven because of them.
Authorities are always planning ways to tax the people.

Carbon Tax is another in the same line.
The sun drives the climate. There have been very few sunspots for several months now. It looks like we are in for a cool time.
The Polar bears survived warmer and cooler times and in fact evolved from brown Bears when it got very cold and they found it better to be white!

Rob Pattison, South Australia

2. Joy Garner - June 25, 2009

And here too, the fact remains that Co2 levels actually LAG about 800 years BEHIND increases in temperatures. the entire theory that man is causing temperature changes is a LIE. That’s the fact. Look it up. Co2 does not cause temperature rises, it is a later reaction to higher temps. When the planet warms, there is more LIFE on it, and this CAUSES a rise in Co2. Volcanos produce ten times more Co2 each year, than all other sources anyway! I suppose if it would pay for a bigger jet, Gore would propose a cap-and-trade tax so we could cap all of the volcanos?

As Al Gore flies by on his big jet, he would have a poor villager kill his goat, because the goat might increase Co2 levels. IT’S ALL LIES. They just want to CONTROL all energy, trade AND GLOBAL ECONOMY!

It REALLY IS an attempt to take over the world and make slaves of us all. As far as Al Gore and the elite banking cartels are concerned, we are not fit to run our own lives, and an unelected few money changers should control EVERYTHING. Read up, research, they ARE working together to enslave the world’s people. They’re so arrogant now, (because they believe they’ve got us check-mated) that they now OPENLY state their goal to dispose of 90% of the world’s population. Their time frame for this goal is far too short to manage by any means OTHER THAN mass genocide. Please look up the “Georgia Guidestones” where they’ve carved their intentions into stone in four languages!

There is a specific reason, a sinister goal behind this FARCE of trying to control us through a HUGE, INTENTIONAL LIE about “global warming”. Al KNEW it was all a lie when he first told the story. He lies still, even though the science proves him a liar. This is all about control folks, and they will say ANYTHING to justify reducing us to helpless, homeless FOOLS with no way left to fight them when the time comes for their “final solution”.

DON’T give up your arms and your other property, no matter what the “cause” is at the moment. The US is the ONLY place left in the world where there are over 200 million PRIVATELY OWNED arms. It’s really the only thing standing between us and complete tyranny, which “our” (I use the term loosely) government is already headed rapidly into. Bail out elite bankers? WHAT? So we can continue to “rent” our artificially inflated houses from them? (never even hope to own it outright) And Citibank employees just DOUBLED their own pay?

I don’t know how we can fix things from here, but fix them we MUST. They are relentless, crafty, and determined. There might have to be serious corrections with serious sacrifices from Americans. Brace yourselves. LEARN about the Federal Reserve Bank and how they operate, what they really are.

We can take this country back!

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