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$30 million supercomputer announced for Australian Bureau of Meteorology March 20, 2009

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$30 million supercomputer announced for Australian Bureau of Meteorology

Weather supercomputer announced for BOM and ANUA

$30 million, four-year project to create Australia’s biggest weather computer is underway.

The new supercomputing system, being built for the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) and Australian National University (ANU), will make weather predictions more accurate.

The BOM machine will have the capacity to make about 1.5 trillion complex weather calculations a second as it crunches through weather data from around the country.

It is expected to provide vital information for future firefighting efforts, and will also help predict climate change in the region.

Maybe, just maybe this fancy new supercomputer would help the BoM actually get predictions correct for a change…

I hope the BoM’s new supercomputer will be more useful than the UK Met Office’s prediction system below:



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