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History Made as Jones et al 2008 Paper Admits Huge Urban Warming in IPCC Flagship CRUT3 Gridded Data March 19, 2009

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History Made as Jones et al 2008 Paper Admits Huge Urban Warming in IPCC Flagship CRUT3 Gridded Data

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By Warwick Hughes

So sceptics have been correct for decades.

Yes you have to pinch yourself, the old canard so long clung to by the IPCC, that the urban influence in large area gridded data is “an order of magnitude less than the warming seen on a century timescale” is now severely compromised.

The IPCC drew that conclusion from the Jones et al 1990 Letter to Nature which examined temperature data from regions in Eastern Australia, Western USSR and Eastern China, to conclude that “In none of the three regions studied is there any indication of significant urban influence.” That has led to the IPCC claim that for decades, urban warming is less than 0.05 per century.

Now Jones et al 2008 are saying in their Abstract, “Urban-related warming over China is shown to be about 0.1 degree per decade”, hey that equates to a degree per century. Huge. See Warwick’s post here.

As Alan Siddons notes “…a lot of post-correcting is called for now. Ths is what I get when I coordinate Hadley and GISS global temperatures with the MSU satellite record.”

See larger image here See alternmative version courtesy of Junk Science here.

Icecap Note: The GISS US data which is UHI corrected using night lights shows a 0.75F difference (cooler) from the NOAA NCDC USHCN version 2 where UHI was removed.

See larger image here.

This is equivalent to the 1F rate per century mentioned above. So, as we have been stating over and over again and I presented in NYC at the Heartland ICCC, MUCH OF THE LONG TERM TREND attributed to CO2 may be UHI induced errors in the global (and USHCN) data bases.


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