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UK: Alleged simultaneous warming and cooling tough on birds March 6, 2009

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UK: Alleged simultaneous warming and cooling tough on birds

From the Tom Nelson blog:

UK: Foreign birds invade Britain as native species allegedly “flee” north – Telegraph

Britain faces an invasion of exotic birds as climate change forces native species further north, scientists have warned.

UK: Heavy snow returns to Scotland | Weather | guardian.co.uk

The cold winter has proved particularly trying for one bird species, ornithologists say. They believe numbers of the tiny Dartford warbler – which is smaller than a sparrow – may have been reduced by three-quarters in the past few weeks because of last month’s snow.

The bird nests in gorse shrubland in the south of England and has made a slow comeback after being nearly wiped out in the freezing winter of 1963, when numbers were apparently down to 11 pairs.

It is still a rare sight. In 2006, after a decade of mild winters, its numbers had returned to 3,212 pairs, according to a count in Hampshire.



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