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Who’s afraid of global warming? February 28, 2009

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Who’s afraid of global warming?

By Esti Ahronovitz

From Haaretz.com, February 23, 2009

The blackboard in Prof. Nir Shaviv’s office in the Department of Physics at Hebrew University is covered with equations and graphs. He’s hunched over the computer, searching for another illustration, another study that will underscore the subject of our talk: the effect of cosmic rays on the earth’s warming.

Shaviv is the preeminent Israeli scholar among a handful throughout the world who believe that human beings are not responsible for global warming. The consequences of global warming were portrayed in Al Gore’s successful 2006 film, “An Inconvenient Truth,” which presents a frightening scenario to which one can hardly remain indifferent: giant ice caps melting, vast areas of human settlement covered by seas that overflow their banks, fierce hurricanes, new strains of bacteria, plagues and death.

The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) considered the most authoritative body on environmental issues, stated in its 2007 report that the earth’s temperature has risen by 0.74 degrees Celsius over the past century. The panel predicted that by the year 2100, the earth’s temperature could rise by another 2-4.5 degrees. Most of the world’s scientists share the belief that there is a correlation between the rise in temperature and the rise in the amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases derived from the burning of fossil fuels, from power stations that use petroleum or coal, from auto emissions, factory smokestacks and more.

Shaviv refuses to get worked up: “The hysteria surrounding the concept of ‘global warming’ will fade over the years,” he says. “People will see that the apocalyptic forecasts are not coming true. Today there is no fingerprint attesting that carbon dioxide emission causes a rise in temperature. A Grad missile that falls in Sderot should be more cause for concern.” Back to the Ice Age Last Wednesday, Shaviv was featured in a documentary broadcast on Channel 8, “The Cloud Mystery,” alongside Danish scientist Henrik Svensmark, a physicist whose pioneering experiments conducted in Copenhagen revealed how changes on the sun’s surface and cosmic rays are what affect climate, and not the polluting gases from manmade sources.

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1. Earl_E - February 28, 2009

I love it. I’ll tell all those firefighters in the burning southwest that the heat from those flames isn’t their fault.

Those californian farmers who won’t be planting this year because the state will be hoarding water can sleep tonight because the water shortage isn’t their fault.

The men and women who are running from the bursting dykes along the Gulf can be comforted knowing that the lack of sunspots is why we have no clouds, and that the lack of clouds is why their homes are 6 feet under water.

I’m gonna get some good sleep tonight.

2. ritesh arya - February 28, 2009

‘Global warming is natural, enjoy it’ Declares Indian Geologist

‘Global cooling will lead to our extinction’

Award-winning Indian Geologist Dr. Ritesh Arya, who specializes in hydrogeology and groundwater resources in the Himalayas, declared, “Global warming is natural, enjoy it” and asserted that “man is too small to cause any impact on global warming.” Arya, who has authored several research papers and was invited by the Royal Geographical Society in 2005 to discuss climate change, warned that “global cooling will lead to our extinction.”

Arya will be discussing his new scientific paper which has been accepted for presentation at the July 5-9 2009 Global Conference on Global Warming in Istanbul, Turkey. Ayra was the recipient of the Great Indian Achievers Award 2004 and the Bharat Excellence Award 2003.

“Holding man and his activities responsible for pollution is acceptable, (delete truth) but holding him responsible for global warming is an Inconvenient Truth because man is too small to cause any changes of global scale on a sustainable basis,” Arya said on January 5, 2008. Arya says his new paper “emphasises the need to re-examine the global warming definition as proposed by UN IPCC which holds man and his activities responsible for increased global warming in recent years. Experiments carried by the author while drilling wells in the Indus Basin clearly show that major glaciers, including the Indus Glacier which extended from Mansarovar in Tibet to the Arabian Sea, melted much before the advent of industrialisation and the rates of receding of glaciers, though unknown in those times, were much faster then are being projected and related to the activities of man today.”

“The time has come to put things about global warming straight, before it is too late. Associating global warming to the activities of man as proposed by UN IPCC and holding mankind’s actions responsible for directly or indirectly contributing to increased greenhouse gases, leading to enhanced temperatures or faster melting rates of glaciers, will only make things worse because the definition and approach tries to establish a mathematical relationship between man and his environment but completely fails to explain the process in totality. Hence this confused scenario where we have become our own enemies and it seems we are fighting a lost battle. But the reality is totally different and man is too small to cause any impact on global warming,” Arya explained.

“So-called greenhouse gases are essential for our survival now and increased population in the future, but today these gases are treated as if they are threatening our very existence by enhancing the global warming processes. Global cooling will lead to our extinction. Imagine living in Antarctica or Greenland for the rest of the life without water, without cyclones, without floods. So it’s high time we learn to enjoy global warming,” Arya said.

Arya says his paper “is based on the data gathered for over a decade from the borewell samples drilled in the paleo-glacio-fluvial deposits of the Indus basin in Ladakh, Indian Himalayan region. Borewell samples analysed from the wells drilled clearly show that global warming and cooling processes are like day and night though with longer durations. They are an essential part of the global climate natural cycle which acts in uniform to continuously change the various landforms on this mother earth and make it geomorphologicaly so beautiful.”

# #

Note: Scientists in India are speaking out to publicly dissent from man-made climate fears and reject the views of their fellow countryman, UN IPCC chairman Rajendra Pachauri. See: India Issued a 2008 report challenging global warming fears. Also, Indian geologist Dr. Arun D. Ahluwalia at Punjab University and a board member of the UN-supported International Year of the Planet recently slammed climate fears and UN. “The IPCC has actually become a closed circuit; it doesn’t listen to others. It doesn’t have open minds… I am really amazed that the Nobel Peace Prize has been given on scientifically incorrect conclusions by people who are not geologists.” – (LINK) (LINK) ]

# #

Below is Dr. Ritesh Arya’s entry in the U. S. Senate Minority Report: More Than 650 International Scientists Dissent Over Man-Made Global Warming Claims:

Indian Geologist Dr. Ritesh Arya, who specializes in hydrogeology and groundwater resources in the Himalayas, has authored several research papers and was invited by the Royal Geographical Society in 2005 to discuss climate change. Ayra, who has been the recipient of the Great Indian Achievers Award 2004 and the Bharat Excellence Award 2003, rejected man-made climate fears in 2008. “There is urgent need to put the phenomenon, which had not been triggered off suddenly, in the right perspective, as today almost every human activity right from vehicular emissions to use of polythene is being linked to global warming which was a much larger event which started as soon as the Ice Age ended. The fact was that the ‘biotic’ agents (man and other living organisms) had a very small role compared to the ‘abiotic’ (geological, geomorphologic, climatologic, planetary and hydrological) events like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, movement of glaciers and landslides,” Arya told The Tribune on February 18, 2008. According to the article, Arya termed “the hype and panic over ‘global warming’ as ‘unnecessary.'” “There is a hype of global warming created by western mass media and there is a need to redefine the whole concept,” Arya said on June 14, 2008. He also has been recognized by the Guinness World Records for his “achievement in finding groundwater in the Chushul area at an altitude of more than 14,000 ft.” (LINK) (LINK) (LINK)

# #

Additional Bio Information:

Dr Ritesh Arya (Ph.D) Hydrogeologist/ Groundwater consultant in Himalayas

Guinness and Limca World Record for drilling the highest borewell in the world

Mobile 0091-9316722291-2-3 Telefax: 0091-172-2552106,www.aryadrillers.com

Dr Ritesh Arya about groundwater resources in Himalayas in geology.com

India Today – India’s No.1 newsweekly,
The incredible waterman.. Ritesh Arya’s

Dr Ritesh Arya in The Tribune on Global Warming Terming the hype and panic over “global warming” as “unnecessary”, well-known hydro-geologist Ritesh Arya seeks to redefine the phenomenon as a natural …

Man be not proud Global warming is not your creation: Times of India
Listen to Ritesh Arya, a city-based Guiness book record holder … presentation at the third international conference on climate and water in Helsinki. …

3. Earl_E - March 1, 2009

I am glad to read all information on the science.

In the USA we built the Hoover Dam, it locked up the Colorodo river and created Lake Meade. Scientists can calculate how much gravitational impact that lake has on the rotation of the earth because that litlle dam now changes the earth’s form factor.

When the Russians diverted the rivers that fed the Aral sea, the sea dried up. Dust storms now blanket old seaside communities with lake bottom dried pollution which is causing genetic problems.

Your premise that man is TOO small to impact big Earth is questioned.

How does clearcutting a forest change the water usage and water retention of a watershed? What is the impact of the heat island effect of large cities that blanket a continent right along old normal weather patterns?

What is the impact of aircraft seeding the atmosphere with contrails?

It is more probable that history will look back at these periods and identify something totally unexpected like a culdera volcanic eruption, biological plague, or asteroid impact.. or it will just be a nuclear exchange…

of course it will only be an oral history since writing will have to be reinvented.

To say global cooling will lead to our extinction overlooks how humans already survived the last ice age. You can always put on a sweater, but you can’t escape the heat.

4. Bob - March 2, 2009

The questions are scientific, but the UN answers are political. The global warming debate is hardly about science. It has become a cause célèbre, championed by activists, politicians and celebrities. To deny their belief that humans are the cause of global warming, is to invoke their wrath. Science is not consensus; Science is theory, observation and measurement. Science is not, “let’s all take a vote on the speed of light and see what number we get.” Science is dictated by nature’s rules.

Prof Shaviv is a scientist. ALGORE is a left wing loony and the high priest of the golbal warming religion. Al and his cult are inspired by the $ame thing as all redical evangilists. $$$

Don J. Easterbrook, Ph.D., emeritus professor of geology at Western Washington University, asked, “What does it take to ignore 10 years of global cooling, sharply declining temperatures the last couple of years, record setting lack of sun spots . . . failure of computer models to predict real climate, predictable warming and cooling climates for the past 500 years. The answer is really quite simple — just follow the money!”

5. Dr Ritesh Arya - February 20, 2010


Global warming is 100% natural and man or his activities have no role to play in actually increasing or decreasing the natural cyclic processes.
Pollution is man made but pollution can also be 100% natural
Floods cyclones and Tsunamis follow the cycles of nature Glaciers are formed and melt at their own paces.
Volcanoes and earthquakes occur and change the shape of mother earth and have to be dealt accordingly.

Only relationship between man and his environment is that He can enjoy Global warming by building sustainable habitats in geologically sound locations.
And he advices those who have problems with global warming to go and live in Antarctica or Arctic and enjoy global cooling there.

Dr Arya has already submitted papers in Global Conference on Global warming held in Turkey in 2008 and 2009

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