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Record carbon dioxide unable to prevent Snowiest Winter Ever Recorded in North Dakota February 27, 2009

Posted by honestclimate in Global Cooling.
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Record carbon dioxide unable to prevent Snowiest Winter Ever Recorded in North Dakota

By the blogowner honestclimate, February 28, 2009

From Watts Up With That

Snow, wind, and cold have assaulted North Dakota yet again in the past 24 hours. In Bismarck Friday morning the temperature was 12 below zero with a new inch or two of snow expected following Thursday’s more significant storm.

December was a record breaker for Bismarck, as it was at many other locations around the state. In Bismarck, the total for the month was 33.3 inches, the greatest amount ever received in a single month.

By the end of January, many counties had more than 400 percent of normal snow totals on the ground, and Governor John Hoeven had declared a state of emergency.

Let me predict how the alarmists will justify these record cold events:

-Thank goodness for man-made global warming or it would have been even colder/snowier!

-Thanks to man-made global warming these “freak record cold weather” events will become less frequent.

-Actually record cold and snow is proof of man-made global warming climate change



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