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UK Met Office: Coldest Winter in over a decade but would have been even colder without global warming February 26, 2009

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UK Met Office: Coldest Winter in over a decade but would have been even colder without global warming

By the  blogowner, honestclimate, February 26, 2009

Extract from UK Met Office news report:

Mild weather is expected to see out what remains of winter. Despite this, it is expected to be the coldest UK winter since 1995/96, according to provisional Met Office figures.

The low temperatures have also been accompanied at times by heavy snow. During early February, the heaviest snowfall for 18 years was experienced over many areas of the UK.

Reading further along

Natural variability of climate means that the UK will continue to see spells of colder weather at times. Although, if it had not been for the general warming already observed in global temperatures, this winter may well have been even colder.

Yes, thank goodness for global warming!

Read the full Met Office report here



1. Pete from the UK - February 26, 2009

I remember last year the same organisation forecast the winter would be miler than average. But what can one expect from a body that forecast the summer of 2007 to be very hot and generally fine but failed to warn us of loads of rain and the worst floods for years Frankly the Met Office is a joke and the continual clinging to the AGW bandwagon shows a complete lack of scientific competence. Perhaps it should be privatised.

2. Discuss Global Warming - March 13, 2009

They cant predict what it will do tomorrow. I believe none of this garbage. Money spent on so-called global warming hoax can be spent more wisely elsewhere!

3. woodstock69 - March 26, 2009

Has one ever tried to discuss religion with a sect…the same thing happens when one tries to discuss the reality of GW with a member of this weather doom&gloom group. The basis of their beliefs, is, all weather and any weather (especially disasters) proves GW to be true. There is no argument, because GW is who they are. Do you think that exVP Gore would ever under any circumstance admit that he is wrong? Never, GW is who he is. It would undermine his entire being. It has gone beyond science, facts, and even the present weather, into now being a belief.
Phoenix AZ

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