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Greens add fuel to the fires. Literally February 23, 2009

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Greens add fuel to the fires. Literally

By Andrew Bolt, HeraldSun, February 23, 2009

Greens didn’t just stop the fuel reduction that would have made the Black Saturday bushfires less intense.

Greens literally added fuel to the fires by planting “carbon offset’’ forests – which have now burned, adding the carbon dioxide emissions they were meant to remove:

Greenfleet will assess the impact of these fires on our forests over the coming weeks, with a view to replant if necessary or monitor recovery in areas where the impact was less severe.

Greenfleet plants the trees that allegedly offset the emissions from the Victorian Labor Government’s car fleet.

Now Treesmart’s Thornton forest may also be in danger, to judge from the CFA’s latest alert. And only a miracle has saved Climate Positive’s plantation:

The Balook planting was under imminent threat throughout Saturday 7 February. The fire started in Churchill, just 30kms to the north. Strong northerly winds pushed it right up to the site and 20kms beyond it until the winds shifted. Miraculously, the planting site was unaffected, as was the entirety of the Trust for Nature property.

But Climate Positive’s other big planting isn’t doing much for offsetting:

The Bush Family Reserve, located on the Perry River, while heavily affected by continuing severe drought, is safe from fire.

The AGW believers at Cities of Theory predicted this danger two years ago:

It can be expected that over the next ten to thirty years, many of the areas where trees for carbon sequestration will be planted will be in increasingly hotter and drier areas, subject to more intense and frequent bushfires. Are the resulting risks to the safety of rural communities acceptable?




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