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James Hansen wants us to take a stand on Global Warming February 21, 2009

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James Hansen wants us to take a stand on Global Warming

James Hansen wants us to protest against the dangerous carbon dioxide produced from coal.
I wonder if he’ll will be walking/cycling to the protest?
I also wonder what the weather, in Washington D.C, will be like on March 2nd?


1. James Mayeau - February 21, 2009

You can confront the civilly disobedient coal protesters in the forum section of this protest corodination website Capitol Climate Action.
It’s infested with Al Gore believers – resistant to facts and evidencially adverse – which makes the exersize all that much more fun.

I enjoy that kind of thing.
But that’s just the way I roll…

2. Mother Nature will not be mocked « An Honest Climate Debate - March 2, 2009

[…] we go again, when will they learn to host Global Warming protests in summer? Will the Global Warming protest in Washington, D.C. be canceled because of […]

3. art predator - January 5, 2010

He’s admitted in pthe public record that he’s not a big proponent for personal “sacrifices” or actions like cycling/walking etc. His video is clearly directed at his mission: to cut down on emissions from coal in order to reduce carbon to 350ppm.

While individual actions such as avoiding plastics, recycling, and riding a bike instead of driving an SUV will “help” the results are negligible compared to tackling the real cause of anthropogenic climate change–coal firing plants.

From NASA’s APOD April 2009:

Just how much will the Earth’s surface warm up over the lives of our children? NASA’s APOD answered it thus on April 21, 2009:

No one is sure. Compared to the past 100 million years, the Earth is currently enduring a relative cold spell, possibly about four degrees Celsius below average. Over the past 100 years, however, data indicate the average global temperature of the Earth has increased by nearly one degree Celsius. Few disagree that recent global warming is occurring, and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has concluded that we humans have created a warming surge that is likely to continue. A future temperature increase like that shown on the above predictive map may cause sea levels to rise, precipitation patterns to change, and much pole ice to melt. The result could impact many local agricultures and the global economy. Geoengineering projects that might include artificial cloud creation might reduce the amount of warming sunlight that reaches the Earth’s surface.

Links to sources in this note are on my blog post here:

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