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Professor William Alexander

Professor Will Alexander

By Professor Will Alexander

Via email, January 17, 2009

A golden opportunity has arisen that will allow us to deliver a fatal blow to climate alarmism. A UNFCCC-type summit is to be held at Midrand, South Africa early in March.

At the Bali summit the UN managed to keep us at a distance. Now things are very different. We have time to prepare strong written rebuttals and distribute them to the attendees and the media via the Internet ahead of the conference.

It will be the organisers’ turn to be vulnerable to heart attacks, and search for pacemakers.

Your early comments and/or participation will be very welcome.

Memo 04/09

Climate change. Pacemakers required

Saturday 17 January 2009

Wedding anniversary postponed

Gladys and Will Alexander on New Years Day in East London. Five days later Gladys was in the Wilgers Hospital ICU after a heart attack. She has since recovered and is fit and well.

My wife and I returned to our home in Pretoria on Monday 5 January. We had a wonderful holiday with our family. Our three children are scattered far and wide. It was the first time that we were together with our children in nine years. We were thoroughly spoilt by them.

On Wednesday after our return to Pretoria we were due to celebrate our 59th wedding anniversary. This was not to be. On Tuesday my wife had a heart attack. We called Netcare emergency ambulance. The paramedics were wonderful.

She ended up in the Hospital ICU. The cardiologist told her that she could thank God that she was still alive, which we did. She is an extrovert with many friends who also prayed for her.

Two days later she was back home. She is tough. She will probably have to have a pacemaker inserted to regulate her heartbeat.

Climate change summit

Now it is my turn. On Friday after I sent off my memo Who will tell the Minister, a colleague drew my attention to an announcement of the climate change summit to be held at Midrand on 3-6 March. Details are provided on the website:


I downloaded the information this morning, Saturday. This immediately increased my heartbeat. I thought that it may be my turn to have a pacemaker installed.

We went shopping. Our favourite Superspar has a little cafeteria that serves coffee at R4.50 per cup. I bought another notebook and started writing this memo while my wife toured the aisles with a shopping trolley. This usually occupies half an hour or so.

After deep thought and two cups of coffee my heartbeat slowed down. This is what I have in mind.


As I described in my Who will tell the Minister memo, the Minister has isolated himself from reality. He is taking a huge political risk. Elementary salesmanship tells us that it is very difficult to sell something that has no benefits to the purchaser. The general election is due weeks after the summit. The economic recession is biting. Thousands of people have already been laid off. The opposition parties will be on the warpath. The media will be unsympathetic.

It is obvious that his scientific advisers have failed to inform him that the science of climate change is rapidly disintegrating as others in the engineering and applied sciences become involved. This is a weakness that we must exploit.

Notice also that this is not a conference. It is labelled the 2009 Climate Change Response Policy Development Summit. This summit programme consists of presentations by his acolytes followed by question and answer sessions. There have been no invitations for presentations by anybody other than those nominated by the organisers. Even those wishing to attend will be screened:

As participation in the climate change summit 2009 proper is limited to 600 climate change response stakeholders, unfortunately, the participation of mandated representatives … will be prioritised.

This exclusionist policy is typical of the UNFCCC procedures that a group of us experienced at the Bali conference 13 months ago. There is no room for debate on the science – just questions and answers.

The very essence of the summit is presentations based on:

… the IPCC’s fourth assessment report pertaining to climate change science as well as new or emerging findings and/or trends.

This is the summit’s weakness. The rapidly emerging science from the other disciplines discredits the very basis of the IPCC’s position. We must demonstrate this.

Another Achilles’ Heel is the press conference.

The media is provided with an opportunity to interview the various summit speakers.

We must inform the press before the summit.

Those of us who have concerns regarding the welfare of this country and its people, particularly the poor and disadvantaged communities, have an obligation to expose the corrupt science on which the summit will be based. There will be nobody at the summit who can speak up for them.

This is what I have in mind. In consultation with others I will produce two short reports that solidly refute the reports of the IPCC’s working groups. The reaction of his advisers will be to refer to the fictitious consensus of international scientists and the overwhelming scientific evidence to the contrary. We must refute both of these claims.

Our strength is that the whole scientific basis is collapsing. Also, the adverse effects of the actions that our authorities intend imposing on the income-generating activities, particularly business, industry, agriculture and mining, must be highlighted. There will be inevitable additional job losses. The trade unions are unlikely to be sympathetic.

Pacemakers required

I know that there are many recipients of my memos who are equally critical of this whole climate change fiasco. This is a golden opportunity for all of us nationally, as well as internationally, to expose this whole alarmist nonsense for what it is.

I therefore invite those who would like to play a part in bringing about the downfall of climate alarmism, to send me one-page notes on any statements in the IPCC 4th assessment reports that you can demonstrate are seriously in error. Use your own presentation style and letterhead if you wish. The notes should be targeted at intelligent, lay readers. The comment has to be short, to the point, and above all it has to be true, accurate and bulletproof. Much is at stake.

Please provide your name, affiliation, country of residence and email address.

It is not necessary to provide references but keep them at hand so that we can produce them if required.

Your comments on the proposal would be helpful even if you are unable to provide the notes.

I look forward to this challenge. It is what I have long been hoping for. In the meantime I will continue with my memos. I have a lot to say.


Phantom of the Opera is our favourite musical. We have seen it three times, twice in London and once in Pretoria. Do you remember the final scene when the large chandelier crashes to the floor? This is my vision of the future of climate alarmism. The Midrand summit will be the stage.


Will Alexander


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