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Ray Evans: Thank God for Carbon January 18, 2009

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Ray Evans: Thank God for Carbon

From the Australian Conservative, January 13, 2009

AC | January 13 2009

Thank God for Carbon is the title of a forthcoming Lavoisier Tract by Ray Evans. The publication will be launched by Senator Cory Bernardi in Adelaide on 27 January. Here is an excerpt from the overview:

Despite the gravity of the economic crisis arising from the collapse of financial and credit markets in the US and from thence to Europe and to the rest of the world, the Rudd Government continues to proceed with drafting legislation which will require emitters of carbon dioxide, notably coal-fired power stations, to purchase permits to continue to operate. This scheme of decarbonisation is based on the notion that anthropogenic emissions of carbon dioxide (the consequence of burning fossil fuels) have caused, and will continue to cause, global warming. Because ‘carbon’ fits more easily into newspaper headlines than does ‘carbon dioxide’, carbon has been substituted for carbon dioxide in political discourse, and has become the target of legislation.

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2. Nicholas Howe - July 27, 2009

The science of human influenced climate change may not be clear. The mathematics of world population growth can not be denied. The world needs to act now, while we have choice. Our rate of resource consumption is so high that the only resource we have left is each other.

Strangely no one, particularly politicians, are prepared to debate matters of population.

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