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Record levels of human carbon dioxide unable to stop Rivers, Seas and Fountains from freezing over January 10, 2009

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Record levels of human carbon dioxide unable to stop Rivers, Seas and Fountains from freezing over

By the blogowner, honestclimate, January 10, 2009

German shipping traffic blocked as rivers freeze

A week of record-breaking subzero temperatures has frozen stretches of Germany’s rivers, hindering boat traffic in several places around the country, the shipping authorities reported on Friday. Full article here


A boat is surrounded by ice on Mylor Creek

Temperatures around Mylor(England) dropped to minus eight on Tuesday night causing the sea to freeze for the first time in quarter of a century. Full article here.


It’s not often you can take your dogs for a walk on the sea…

But things got so cold yesterday that this stretch of coastline at Sandbanks in Poole, Dorset, froze over as the big chill refused to loosen its grip on Britain. Locals said it was the first time it had happened since 1963. Full article here.


An unidentified boy attempts to retrieve his soccer ball on a frozen fountain in Trafalgar Square in London

A freezing spell is forecast to maintain its grip on the south of the country today as temperatures plunged last night to as low as -11C (12 degrees Fahrenheit) across parts of the United Kingdom. Full article here.


This 6ft-high elephant fountain in Colchester, Essex, has frozen over in the cold weather

Temperatures dropped to -12C (10F) and ponds, rivers and even stretches of sea were frozen.Tesco said sales of cat litter had soared by 40 per cent as homeowners found a new way to grit paths and driveways.Insurers have seen a surge in claims for burst pipes. Since New Year, Norwich Union has received around 300 claims, a 30 per cent increase on previous years. Full article here.


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