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Ice melting across globe at accelerating rate say NASA, but facts show otherwise! December 17, 2008

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Ice melting across globe at accelerating rate say NASA, but facts show otherwise!

By the blogowner, honestclimate, December 17, 2008

From the CNN today

(CNN) — Between 1.5 trillion and 2 trillion tons of ice in Greenland, Antarctica and Alaska has melted at an accelerating rate since 2003, according to NASA scientists, in the latest signs of what they say is global warming.

It doesn’t sound like accelerated melting when you look at the below facts:

Antarctic Sea ice extent is nearly 20% above normal

Arctic Sea Ice continues to Rebound

Defying Predictions, Sea Level Rise Begins to Slow

Global Sea Ice Trend Since 1979 – surprising



1. Derek - December 17, 2008

That sounds about right. Why is it that CNN and NASA and the Government has to outright lie to get it agenda across? Why are they so obsessed with bilking the public with their nefarious schemes? The whole world has gone nuts, there is no place on Earth where man can be free again. There is only one way man can be free, and that is knowing the Truth. The Truth will make you free.

2. Jim Samples - December 17, 2008

And STILL nobody knows if this is supposed to happen (on queue) every several thousand years or if this is a new earthly event. Many studys show this to be nothing more than an ongoing (static) event, even though the scare mongers (Gore, Obama et al..) would like us to believe otherwise..

3. Bill the Cat - December 17, 2008

The Goddard Institute’s temperature readings for Greenland show average temperatures from 2003 through 2007 have decreased over 1.5 degree C. How can ice melt faster when temperatures are dropping?

4. GlobalCoolingAdvocate - December 17, 2008

Well, NASA has never been about the facts only about where the next dollar is going to come from. So, if money comes from the global warming conspiracy then the facts should reflect the theory. Hey, don’t look behind that curtain. Listen to the NASA facts!

5. You're ridiculous - December 17, 2008

Man-made climate change is not a theory. It is a proven fact and climatologists all over the planet have reached consensus. That’s not alarist ranting, but biological fact. There are any niumber of web sites out there presenting fake “evidence” to refute the fact that our planet is warming at an alarming rate. But, just because they look pretty and professional does not mean that they have any credibility. Fortunately, all governments have rejected the fake “science” that is being invented by those who have a vested interest in continuing to pollute our atmosphere. Mankind will act. The naysayers, such as yourself, will also benefit. Don’t worry; go ahead and ensconce yourself in denial and ignorance. The rest of us have you covered.

6. the truth - December 17, 2008

global warming doesn’t exist.

7. Frustrated - December 17, 2008

Your link to the “Global Sea Ice Trend Since 1070 – surprising” needs to be updated. The author has since admitted to a mistake, corrected his numbers, and now sees that the amount of global sea ice really is trending down, not level or up.


Come on, if you’re going to post this crap, at least do your homework. The issue is confusing enough, and too many people see what they want to see to support their own beliefs, instead of actually learning from what they read. Don’t spread misinformation by referencing already debunked arguments.

8. Mike - December 18, 2008

The fact is that the CNN story is shockingly disingenuous, about a stone’s throw from an outright lie. The research in question only covered the period from 2003-2005, meaning the data is already three years out of date. Ice loss since 2005 has slowed considerably.

Secondly, while the researchers concluded that ice loss in that period was higher than it was in the early 1990s, they also concluded the rate was *smaller* than most other estimates. Interesting CNN left out that tidbit, eh?

Thirdly, one should point out that GRACE only measures ice loss through a gravity proxy method, whose accuracy not only remains uncertain, but didn’t even exist prior to 2003, which makes comparisons to any data from the 1990s (which came from different sources) somewhat arbitrary.

Read the actual research here, rather than CNN’s interpretation of it:


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