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More Scepticism in the Mainstream Media December 16, 2008

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More Scepticism in the Mainstream Media

From the Jennifer Marohasy blog, December 16, 2008

By Cathy Ramotswe


As you might expect, Australia’s Canberra Times is a conformist newspaper that mostly goes along with the capital’s political fashions, and has long run the alarmist AGW line.   Over the weekend there has been a turn-around. Their economics editor, a well respected David Alexander, has written a long opinion piece plus a news item, in which amongst other things to concedes that some of the climate critics are highly qualified and (based on the NZ precedent) suggests the possibility of a parliamentary enquiry into the ETS, about which he says “Much would be learnt, the public would be enthralled.  Surely there is nothing to be afraid of?”.


This, and especially the understated rhetorical question, is a stunning development.

On top of which, retired ANU economics professor Richard Mulgan has an editorial in today’s Times that sings the praises of scepticism in general!


Finally, at the same time, our ABC has run an article about “carbon baggers” (lovely term!) chasing aboriginal interests, about which the blog response is almost entirely “a plague on the ETS house”.


Things are moving, and by the sweetest irony that on the very day that the Rudd government has plumped for a timorous (though still silly, because it won’t have the faintest possible influence on future
temperature) 5% ETS rate.





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