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Don’t for a minute think that Global Warming has stopped! December 15, 2008

Posted by honestclimate in humour.
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Don’t for a minute think that Global Warming has stopped!

By the blogowner, honestclimate, December 15, 2008

Glenn Cook from the Western Australian Bureau of Meteorology quoted as saying the below in response to Perth’s cold weather of late:

“Global warming is a slow long term trend and people’s senses can’t detect that necessarily,” senior meteorologist at the WA Bureau of Meteorology Glenn Cook said.

What the?! “A slow long term trend?” So no catastrophic global warming then? That’s not what Al Gore tells us!

“People’s senses can’t detect that necessarily..”
Is this guy for real? People’s “senses” have been frozen by the record cold!

“So people see these cool conditions and ask what are we talking about with global warming but global warming is still there.

“Global warming is a background trend that has been clearly identified and these cool events will continue and continue for many years to come, they will just become less frequent as time goes on,” he said.

Have you got that?

Global Warming will ensure that record cold events in Perth, like the ones in 2008, become less frequent?!

Global Warming is hiding somewhere in the background and expect the below events to become less frequent, ok?

-Perth is off to a cool wet summer
-Coldest November for Perth in 37 years
-Perth shivers through coldest September morning ever recorded
-One of Perth’s coldest July morning since 1998


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