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The alarm that wasn’t so alarming December 11, 2008

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The alarm that wasn’t so alarming

From dearpinodearflaco, December 10, 2008

Dear Flaco.

When I hear people talk about Global Warming, or Climate Change or AGW or whatever – it makes me wanna loose my belly. And here is why: Because people feel that we have to “fix it” at any cost! We can talk about this all day-or night-long and you will find that I, and many many like me, are willing to cede that the planet is warming. However, what we do not accept is this:

  1. That this warming is induced by man
  2. That this warming is not natural –is that the same as #1?
  3. That the warming is an indication of a runaway climate catastrophe
  4. That the current proposals of “containment” are in any way commensurate with the danger.

To say that a skeptic simply doesn’t care about the planet, the future or our grandkids is insane and insulting. However, I simply don’t accept that premise. If anything, I have more of a claim on the future of this planet than you do right now. We simply have looked at the science and see a different result than the alarmists. Is the globe warming? Sure—sure, I think that it is. Is it warming out of bounds? That is, is it warming faster than if we were not here? I don’t think so; or if it is, not by much.

Do I think that we should continue to watch and make sure that what we do here on planet earth is right and good and healthy? Hell yeah—HELL yeah! But what I DON’T think that we need to do is absolutely shut down the global economy as we know it. We need electricity. And just about the only way to get electricity in this country is to burn some form of fossil fuel. Be it coal or whatever, we need it. Granted, we get some from hydro and even less from wind, but most of it is from fossil.

Would it be cool if we could generate that power by some other source? I think so. Do I think that we need to change everything in the whole infrastructure to meet that goal? No, I don’t think so.

We have an incredible source of portable energy right now; oil into gas. I think that we should use it. It is incredibly powerful; it is currently accessible and relatively cheap. It’s good at what we need it to do. Why should we abandon it? The answer—“Because some folks feel that it’s going to be the end of the world”. I just don’t think it is. So, there has been an appeal for another topic. You pick:

1. Universal HealthCare
2. Taxes
3. Abortion
4. Education
5. Other





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