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Al Gore / AIT Index currently at -.22° F./-.122° C. since An Inconvenient Truth was released December 8, 2008

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Al Gore / AIT Index currently at -.22° F./-.122° C. since An Inconvenient Truth was released

From the Gore Lied Blogspot, December 8, 2008

The November data UAH Globally Averaged Satellite-Based Temperature of the Lower Atmosphere has just been released by Dr. Roy Spencer. As it does each month, the GORE LIED graphics department has marked up Dr. Spencer’s graph to graphically illustrate Al Gore’s inconvenient truth, also known as The Gore Effect.

The Al Gore / AIT Index is currently at -.22° F. (-.122° C.). That is to say that since Al Gore released his science fiction movie, An Inconventient Truth, the globally averaged temperatures have dropped .22° F.

It is worth pointing out that the Index looked much worse for Al Gore back in May when the UAH graph showed it’s lowest temperature in at least eight years. Since May, the temperatures have been slowly ticking up, but are still lower than when Al Gore released An Inconvenient Truth, which just underscores the decline (or flattening off) of the globabally averaged temperatures in the past ten years. Even with a six month increase in temperatures Al Gore is still in negative territory.

Also, as of this month the UAH now has thirty years of data (HT: Wood for Trees) .




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