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Australian Prime Tourist Kevin 747 wants a bigger carbon footprint than Al Gore’s December 7, 2008

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Australian Prime Tourist Kevin 747 wants a bigger carbon footprint than Al Gore’s

By the blogowner honestclimate, December 7, 2008

In one of those “Do as I say and not as I do” cases, Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, aka the prime tourist kevin 747, has been globetrotting around the world at the expense of the Australian taxpayer, whilst at the same time wanting us to reduce our carbon footprints to save the world from global warming.

He’s obviously been taking lessons from Al Gore on “how to maximize your carbon footprint whilst preaching to others to minimize theirs.”

Read the article in the Sydney Morning Herald on the Prime Minister’s $600,000 flying circus here



1. Andrew J. Smith - December 21, 2008

Similar to the Oz international education sector, especially state sector employees who are sympathetic, in theory, to the envoronment, and accountable for oversighting use of public funds.

They do not develop marketing strategy (though TAFEs and universities teach it), nor do they use the internet which is now the most effective, environmentally friendly and economic channel (which also allows daily analysis…scary) for marketing internationally.

How do they market in the 21st Century?

Travel plans, i.e. flying to offshore fairs and events to hand out brochures (alternative internet?), conduct seminars (video on YouTube?) and meet agents (and their prospective candidates) face to face (Skype?).

Example, one TAFE Officer who complains of too much international travel by colleagues who should allocate more to internet marketing, had been “travelling under the guise of marketing” offshore in 2009 nine times! Probably a trip to South America or Europe (depending upon whose “turn”) and remainder in Asia. Further, the same officers are rewarded more and encouraged by earning personal frequent flyer points and being paid healthy daily allowances while offshore (estimate travel budget for single TAFE International Office could be round $AUD500,000, but who knows?

Quite clear those at a senior level of public service in Australia need to both set the example and ensure that offshore travel is not a first resort.

2. Jim Johnson - October 1, 2009

Ditto for out President, First Lady and Nancy Pelosi. Now there is a new proposal to limit carbon emmissions from certain coal power plants at my expense.

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