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And our #1 priority is to try to make it a fraction of a degree COLDER outside? December 4, 2008

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And our #1 priority is to try to make it a fraction of a degree COLDER outside?

From the Tom Nelson Blog, December 3, 2008

More blizzards on the way as ice and snow send casualty figures soaring – Scotsman.com News

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde said five of its A&E departments had recorded their busiest ever day on Tuesday as the cold snap took hold.

The health board said 1,906 emergency patients were seen – a 20 per cent rise on the previous highest recorded figure of 1,583.

The average number of A&E patients seen in the area per day is 1,226 – Tuesday’s level was 55 per cent above this. Glasgow’s Victoria Infirmary treated more than 300 patients, a 40 per cent increase over its normal attendance.

The board also said Tuesday was the busiest day for surgical emergency admissions since regular reporting began, many due to slips, trips and falls.

There were 135 emergency surgical admissions at the five Glasgow sites alone – a 75 per cent increase on the daily average of 77.

Dr Alistair Ireland, clinical director for the health board’s accident and emergency services, appealed for people to take extra care. He added: “The vast majority of injuries we saw yesterday were broken wrists, ankles, elbows and legs.

“However, there were some serious consequences and we have two patients in with serious head injuries. Car accidents caused by the icy conditions have also brought a big rise in A&E patient numbers.”

Heavy snow and high winds forecast to cause travel chaos | UK news | The Guardian

Hundreds of traffic accidents have already been reported in Scotland during the cold snap.




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