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Raining on bureau’s parade December 3, 2008

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Raining on bureau’s parade

From the Andrew Bolt Blog, December 3, 2008

The Bureau of Meteorology (Australia) admits:

In marked contrast with recent months, November was a wet month through most of Australia. Averaged over the continent it was the eighth-wettest November on record, with only a few areas significantly below normal. The wet conditions were also reflected in the temperatures, with daytime maximum temperatures below normal, and overnight minimum temperatures above normal, over large parts of the country.

Not quite what the global-warmists of the Bureau predicted just five weeks ago:

The national outlook for temperatures over the November to January period shows a moderate to strong shift in the odds favouring warmer than normal conditions over eastern Australia. …Across the rest of the country, including WA, south western NT and western SA, the chances of a warmer than average November to January period are between 40 and 60%,

Ditto in September:

The national outlook for average December quarter (October to December) maximum temperatures shows a moderate to strong shift in the odds favouring warmer than normal conditions over much of eastern and southern Australia.

Yes, we still have December to go, but my confidence isn’t high that these same people can accurately predict warming for the next 100 years. And a wake-up, please, to those who shouted that the rains would dry up, so why build a dam?




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