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Cold facts vs. global warming December 2, 2008

Posted by honestclimate in Global Cooling.
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Cold facts vs. global warming

DAVID M. LEVIN, Vineland

From nj.com, November 28, 2008

Since Nov. 18, the normal high temperature has been hovering around 15 degrees colder than the historical normal temperature of 55 degrees. The normal low has been about 10 degrees lower than the normal temperature of 36 de grees. The national weather forecasters are predicting this same weather pattern going into the beginning of December.

In this context, I would like self-proclaimed global-warming guru and former Vice President Al Gore to explain the global-warming phenomenon to me. I must have lost something in the translation. It sure seems as though “global warming” made a right turn and bypassed New Jersey. I’d like to suggest a new movie to Al Gore: “The Ice Age Has Returned to New Jersey.”



1. GOD - December 12, 2008

Yes, yes yes yes, you are quite right, hocus pocus mocus mucus, its all poppy cock and you are clever to be on to it – these climate change debates are the last whimpers of what I refer to as ‘the fall’, the wholesale clearance of mankind, never mind, you good folk will be re-settled in accomadations worthy of your good works. Try not to listen to the news of climate change or ‘clean coal’ or other such trickery…I have an event planned which will take good care of this foolishness, get back to your gardens and your honest pursuits and dont forget to have a good chuckle occasionally, I certainly do, my experiment with humanity has been fascinating, but quite tiresome at times as well!!

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