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Climate conference begins amid skeptical public opinion December 1, 2008

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Climate conference begins amid skeptical public opinion

From Gospodarka Gazeta, December 1, 2008

On the eve of the climate change conference which opens today in Poznań, daily Rzeczpospolita carried out a public opinion poll on the environment

One of the main topics at the conference will be global warming, which is regarded as the biggest global threat. However, Rzeczpospolita poll showed that 53 percent of the nation fears air pollution and 35 percent water contamination. “Once the ozone hole was fashionable, but now fighting global warming is more present in media. I am pleased with common sense of Poles who put more stress on real dangers,” said Tadeusz Burger, who for many years has been researching Polish attitudes towards the environment.

More than 50 percent of the public declares that they make a conscious effort to save electricity and water, as well as to segregate rubbish, but experts do not really believe that they actually do so.

The conference in Poznań is the largest such event in the history of Poland and will gather over 8,000 politicians and representatives of international organizations.




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