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Climate madness from Rudd & Wong November 29, 2008

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Climate madness from Rudd & Wong

From Australian Climate Madness, November 28, 2008

That’s right, they just carry on regardless, brushing the observations and the science aside in their pointless quest to “tackle climate change” whilst at the same time committing economic suicide. Krudd and Co are preparing to release the white paper on Australia’s ETS, or, if you wish to use the government’s name for it (complete with two errors in four words), the Carbon* Pollution† Reduction Scheme…

The global financial situation has heightened the importance of providing business certainty on the scheme,” Senator Wong said in a statement.

The economy is already weakened, and the ETS will only make it worse. She just stops short of using the dreaded “D” word about the Opposition, however:

Opposition calls to delay carbon trading were undermining business certainty and were out of step with community attitudes.

“The opposition is looking for any excuse to delay action on climate change, but Australians understand that the longer we wait, the more it will cost us,” Senator Wong said.

Once such “excuse” possibly being the fact that it will make not one iota of difference to global climate even if CO2 is a driver of temperature, which, given present cooling trends, is looking less and less likely.

Pure climate madness.

* Carbon Dioxide ain’t Carbon
For the last time, it’s NOT POLLUTION

Read it here.


The dangers of global cooling, first the whales, now the turtles November 28, 2008

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The dangers of global cooling, first the whales, now the turtles

By the blogowner honestclimate, November 28, 2008

With cold and snow records being broken left right and centre and the Arctic sea ice growing at its fastest pace on record, the polar bears have been sitting pretty lately.

But on the flipside of this cold weather, last week we heard that over 200 whales got trapped in Canada’s Arctic, by winter ice and were facing starvation or suffocation and officials said they would have to be culled.

This week, turtles have been hit by cold weather which has caught the sea turtles off-guard before they could reach warmer Gulf Stream waters, and that has led to nearly 25 rescues along the North Carolina coast

Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center on Topsail Island has rescued numerous cold-stunned sea turtles since Thursday, said Jean Beasley, the hospital’s executive director.

We’re overwhelmed, this has never happened before — at least not since the turtle hospital has been in existence,” Beasley said. “We had 11 turtles come in last Thursday, 12 on Saturday and six (Sunday). We’re frantically trying to make more space.”

Cold weather started it all — with the precipitous drop in temperature, these guys can’t regulate their body temperature,” volunteer Karen Sota said, adding that most have been green turtles around 2 years old. There are also a few loggerheads.

Read the rest on the turtles click below link:


Perth, Australia, has coldest November in 37 years November 28, 2008

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Perth, Australia, has coldest November in 37 years

From Global Freeze, November 28, 2008

Finally some warmth for Perth, Australia

Brett Dutschke, Friday November 28, 2008 – 16:53 EDT

Perth residents have had to cope with their coldest November in 37 years but it is slowly warming up, possibly reaching 30 degrees early next week, for the first time in more than a month.

When both daytime and overnight temperatures were combined, Perth’s average temperature came in at just over 18 degrees, colder than any November since 1971 and more than a degree colder than the long-term norm.

This is also the first November in 44 years in which the temperature has failed to reach 30 degrees. Daytime temperatures have only averaged a little over 23.5, the lowest in 17 years. Nighttime temperatures have averaged about 12.5, possibly the lowest in more than 50 years.

Over the next week winds will turn from cool southerly to northeasterly and drag some warm air to the southwest of Western Australia. However the warmer weather will not last, a cooler change will arrive on Wednesday before warming up again by the end of the week.

It may be a while before a heatwave arrives. There is little chance of it getting to the mid-30s during the first half of December.


Glaciers in Norway, Alaska, growing again November 28, 2008

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Glaciers in Norway, Alaska, growing again

From Watts Up with That?, November 27, 2008

A glacial region in Norway (Source: NRK)
Reposted from the DailyTech
By: Mike Asher

Scandinavian nation reverses trend, mirrors results in Alaska, elsewhere.
After years of decline, glaciers in Norway are again growing, reports the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE). The actual magnitude of the growth, which appears to have begun over the last two years, has not yet been quantified, says NVE Senior Engineer Hallgeir Elvehøy.

The flow rate of many glaciers has also declined. Glacier flow ultimately acts to reduce accumulation, as the ice moves to lower, warmer elevations.

The original trend had been fairly rapid decline since the year 2000.

The developments were originally reported by the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK).

DailyTech has previously reported on the growth in Alaskan glaciers, reversing a 250-year trend of loss. Some glaciers in Canada, California, and New Zealand are also growing, as the result of both colder temperatures and increased snowfall.

Ed Josberger, a glaciologist with the U.S. Geological Survey, says the growth is “a bit of an anomaly”, but not to be unexpected.

Despite the recent growth, most glaciers in the nation are still smaller than they were in 1982. However, Elvehøy says that the glaciers were even smaller during the ‘Medieval Warm Period’ of the Viking Era, prior to around the year 1350.

Not all Norwegian glaciers appear to be affected, most notably those in the Jotenheimen region of Southern Norway.


How not to measure temperature, part 78 – teach the children well November 27, 2008

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How not to measure temperature, part 78 – teach the children well

From Watts Up with That?, November 27, 2008

Title with apologies to Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young.

In my last post, part 77 of “How not to measure temperature” I pointed out that the National Weather Service in Upton NY has a weather station that is way out of compliance due to the way it is setup and the proximity to bias factors such as the parking lot.

There are thousands of weather stations across the USA, some run by various agencies. Often we’ll see them at national parks with interpretive displays. This one I encountered in Ely Nevada on my last road trip to finish the Nevada USHCN station surveys was part of an air quality and environmental monitoring program jointly run by the Department of Energy (DOE) and the Desert Research Institute (DRI).

It is an impressive station with multiple state of the art sensors, solar power, and a datalogger with a satellite uplink to DRI’s HQ. You can look at hourly data from the station at the CEMP DRI website here.

It is located about 2 miles northeast of town on government property, BLM land:


Ely, NV Weather Station operated by DOE/DRI -click for larger image

What is unique about this station is that it has an interpretive exhibit with live data readouts. I applaud DRI/DOE for doing this. Here are what the they look like closeup:

Read the rest , click below link


Bravo New Zealand November 27, 2008

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Bravo New Zealand

From Australian Climate Madness, November 27, 2008

Krudd and his cronies in our blinkered government could learn a great deal from our neighbours across the ditch. The greenie hordes are up in arms because the new centre-right government of John Key in New Zealand has dared to open up a debate on “global warming”:

The government has also suggested a possible review of the science behind climate change, a move that has outraged environmental groups, who say New Zealand’s reputation will be damaged if the concept of global warming is questioned.

Have you ever heard such unadulterated nonsense in a single sentence? Did I read that correctly? A possible review has “outraged environmental groups”? Sorry, is this science we’re talking about, or the dogma of religion? Perish the thought that the divine words of the IPCC, as spoken through the prophet Al Gore, should ever be questioned. Quick, throw another heretic on the fire.

As for their reputation being damaged, in my book, it’s quite the reverse. Bravo New Zealand.

Read it here.


Questions a-plenty on global warming November 27, 2008

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Questions a-plenty on global warming

By Piers Akerman

From the Daily Telegraph, November 26, 2008

ONE of ABC television’s remaining links to a more intelligent era, The Einstein Factor, ended its season on Sunday, closing with its signature quote from the great physicist: “The important thing is not to stop questioning.”

From his blinkered approach to the question of climate change, it is patently clear that Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is no Einstein. Not even an apprentice Einstein.

Far from questioning climate change, Rudd, aided and abetted by a largely compliant CSIRO and a plethora of pandering academics eager to receive government funding, has all but shut down discussion on the issue.

For Labor, particularly, there is no science to discuss. It is settled.

Further, Rudd encourages his fawning acolytes to denigrate those who follow Einstein’s approach to science as “deniers”, and says of them: “To stay in denial as the climate change sceptics and some members opposite would have us do, is reckless and irresponsible.”

Unfortunately for Rudd, his climate change minister Senator Penny Wong and his faddist spinmeister Dr Ross Garnaut, the science is far from settled.

Further, the complete span of scientific evidence supports those on the side of those sceptics and deniers and not Rudd or his claque, his beloved United Nations and its political tool, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

With the study of science in Australian schools at a critically low ebb, and Green fundamentalism on the rise, particularly within your ABC and the Fairfax media, the global warming mantra has become dogma to many.

The science has been ignored in the Green religious fervour.

Professor Ian Plimer, a professor of geology at the University of Adelaide and former head of the school of earth sciences at the University of Melbourne, is an Einsteinian scientist.

Unlike the narrow-minded, he relishes the big questions.

In a new book to be titled Heaven and Earth, which will be available early next year, he points out that the IPCC modelling upon which the global warming apocalyptists base their catastrophic scenarios overlook some basic facts, including the actual history of the planet.

Earth’s climate, he notes, has always been cyclical. It has warmer periods and cooler periods.


How not to measure temperature, part 77: Surveying a weather station by watching JEOPARDY! November 27, 2008

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How not to measure temperature, part 77: Surveying a weather station by watching JEOPARDY!

From Watts Up With That?, November 27, 2008


Yes, you read the title correctly.

Sometimes I feel like a strange attractor for weather station chaos. Here I am at home tonight minding my own business, in my home office and I have the TV on. JEOPARDY comes on. Alex Trebek announces the categories…and I pay little attention until the last one is announced and he says “National Weather Service”. I practically got whiplash turning to look at the TV.  In 25 years of watching this TV program, that is a category I never expected to see.

Then to explain the category, up pops one of the “clue crew” people standing in front of the NWS office in Upton, New York, in the parking lot.

I didn’t hear a single word she said, because my eyes were transfixed on what was right behind her: a Stevenson Screen and MMTS just a couple of feet from the parking lot with the brick walls of the NWS office right behind it.

Read the rest of the article, click below link


World surprises warmists again November 27, 2008

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World surprises warmists again

From the Andrew Bolt Blog, November 27, 2008

Planet won’t warm, ice won’t melt, winds won’t blow, reef won’t die … and now the CSIRO learns this:

New research has found the Southern Ocean is more resilient to the effects of climate change than first thought, and still stores a large amount of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions.

Then there’s this ABC story – which somehow omits the telling statistic that counts most:

Levels of climate-warming greenhouses gases rose to record highs in 2007, leading to a 1 per cent increase in the overall warming effect, the World Meteorological Organisation said.

The missing stat that gives the game away? Why, the actual temperature anomaly for 2007 – which shows that greenhouse gases may rise, but the temperature still refuses to rise with them:


Now, why was that game-breaking detail omitted?


Snow hits Australia one week away from Summer November 27, 2008

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Snow hits Australia one week away from Summer

Gale force winds and snow hit New South Wales central-west

From the Daily Telegraph, November 23, 2008

GALE force winds and snow in the NSW central-west are keeping State Emergency Service (SES) volunteers busy, just a week from the start of summer.

Since Friday, SES crews have responded to 18 requests for assistance in the Blayney, Bathurst, Lithgow and Orange areas.

Most of the damage has been caused by falling trees, but local roads are also being monitored after snow falls on Saturday night.

The road between Bathurst and Oberon is currently closed but all other roads are open.

SES Central West Region Controller, Craig Ronan, said the weather conditions are particularly unseasonable.

“It’s very unusual the week before summer to have such weather conditions,” Mr Ronan said.
“I believe it’s supposed to ease this afternoon.

“Let’s hope it does ease but obviously our volunteers are ready to help and they’re willing to help.”

The Bureau of Meteorology has issued a severe weather warning for NSW, with a deep low pressure system off the south coast expected to bring gale-force winds to most of the state before it moves east late on Sunday.

Winds are expected to average 65 km/h with peak gusts in excess of 90 km/h.

Blizzard conditions are also anticipated in alpine areas of the Southern Tablelands, South West Slopes and the ACT.

“As winds continue, I’d say we’ll get a few more calls today,” Mr Ronan said.