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Debating global warming: New climate data November 30, 2008

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Debating global warming: New climate data

From Pittsburghlive.com, November 29, 2008

Royal Navy logbooks dating to the 17th century might chart a new course from vague assumptions to verifiable reason in the stormy debate over global warming.

Mariners’ well-kept records detailing air pressure, wind speed and air and sea temperatures provide a snapshot of previous climate conditions. For a group of British academics and scientists examining historic climate changes, it’s a “treasure trove” of information, they say.

In a preliminary study of 6,000 logbooks, questions already are being raised that challenge the conclusions of global warming’s Chicken Littles. For instance, Europe in the 1730s experienced a period of rapid warming — not unlike that of recent years — which clearly wasn’t attributable to man-made influences.

In 2005, scientists linked Hurricane Vince, which developed in an area of low sea-surface temperatures, to climate change. Yet the old logbooks detail a similar hurricane in 1842 that followed the same trajectory. Mere coincidence?

What’s revealed is the complexity of climate science, says Dr. Dennis Wheeler, a University of Sunderland scientist, “and that it’s wrong to take particular events and link them to CO2 emissions.”

Are the ship logs conclusive? Perhaps no more so than the claims of global warming alarmists. But it’s data that should be carefully researched. Something we can’t say of the data deceptively manipulated to argue that the debate has ended regarding man’s role in planetary climate change.



1. hernadi-key - November 30, 2008

This is my info..
Half the Amazon Rainforest to be Lost by 2030

(NaturalNews) Due to the effects of global warming and deforestation, more than half of the Amazon rainforest may be destroyed or severely damaged by the year 2030, according to a report released by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

The report, “Amazon’s Vicious Cycles: Drought and Fire,” concludes that 55 percent of the world’s largest rainforest stands to be severely damaged from agriculture, drought, fire, logging and livestock ranching in the next 22 years. Another 4 percent may be damaged by reduced rainfall caused by global warming. This is anticipated to destroy up to 80 percent of wildlife habitat in the region.

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