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Al Gore does Oprah – was anybody watching? November 29, 2008

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Al Gore does Oprah – was anybody watching?

From Watts Up with That?, November 29, 2008

A guest post by: Russ Steele from NCWatch

Green truth

We can only hope the most people in the US are shopping on Black Friday and not watching the Oprah Winfrey Show today.  Al Gore has brought his global warming propaganda machine to share with Oprah.  You can find the details on Oprah’s web page.  Here are some of the topics that Gore is pushing:

Classic Gore:

“Some of the leading scientists are now saying we may have as little as 10 years before we cross a kind of point-of-no-return, beyond which it’s much more difficult to save the habitability of the planet in the future,” Gore says.

Yes, but Al you have been saying that for over ten years and we are still here. And in the last ten years the global temperatures stopped rising and are now in decline.


Click for a larger image

Really Al, show me where the temperatures are beyond natural fluctuations:

Gore agrees that the planet’s temperature has indeed experienced up and down cycles, but he says the current up cycle is too extreme. “It’s way off the charts compared to what those natural fluctuations are,” he says.

Here is look at long term temperatures

Read the rest, click link below



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