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Perth, Australia, has coldest November in 37 years November 28, 2008

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Perth, Australia, has coldest November in 37 years

From Global Freeze, November 28, 2008

Finally some warmth for Perth, Australia

Brett Dutschke, Friday November 28, 2008 – 16:53 EDT

Perth residents have had to cope with their coldest November in 37 years but it is slowly warming up, possibly reaching 30 degrees early next week, for the first time in more than a month.

When both daytime and overnight temperatures were combined, Perth’s average temperature came in at just over 18 degrees, colder than any November since 1971 and more than a degree colder than the long-term norm.

This is also the first November in 44 years in which the temperature has failed to reach 30 degrees. Daytime temperatures have only averaged a little over 23.5, the lowest in 17 years. Nighttime temperatures have averaged about 12.5, possibly the lowest in more than 50 years.

Over the next week winds will turn from cool southerly to northeasterly and drag some warm air to the southwest of Western Australia. However the warmer weather will not last, a cooler change will arrive on Wednesday before warming up again by the end of the week.

It may be a while before a heatwave arrives. There is little chance of it getting to the mid-30s during the first half of December.




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