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World surprises warmists again November 27, 2008

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World surprises warmists again

From the Andrew Bolt Blog, November 27, 2008

Planet won’t warm, ice won’t melt, winds won’t blow, reef won’t die … and now the CSIRO learns this:

New research has found the Southern Ocean is more resilient to the effects of climate change than first thought, and still stores a large amount of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions.

Then there’s this ABC story – which somehow omits the telling statistic that counts most:

Levels of climate-warming greenhouses gases rose to record highs in 2007, leading to a 1 per cent increase in the overall warming effect, the World Meteorological Organisation said.

The missing stat that gives the game away? Why, the actual temperature anomaly for 2007 – which shows that greenhouse gases may rise, but the temperature still refuses to rise with them:


Now, why was that game-breaking detail omitted?



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