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Questions a-plenty on global warming November 27, 2008

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Questions a-plenty on global warming

By Piers Akerman

From the Daily Telegraph, November 26, 2008

ONE of ABC television’s remaining links to a more intelligent era, The Einstein Factor, ended its season on Sunday, closing with its signature quote from the great physicist: “The important thing is not to stop questioning.”

From his blinkered approach to the question of climate change, it is patently clear that Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is no Einstein. Not even an apprentice Einstein.

Far from questioning climate change, Rudd, aided and abetted by a largely compliant CSIRO and a plethora of pandering academics eager to receive government funding, has all but shut down discussion on the issue.

For Labor, particularly, there is no science to discuss. It is settled.

Further, Rudd encourages his fawning acolytes to denigrate those who follow Einstein’s approach to science as “deniers”, and says of them: “To stay in denial as the climate change sceptics and some members opposite would have us do, is reckless and irresponsible.”

Unfortunately for Rudd, his climate change minister Senator Penny Wong and his faddist spinmeister Dr Ross Garnaut, the science is far from settled.

Further, the complete span of scientific evidence supports those on the side of those sceptics and deniers and not Rudd or his claque, his beloved United Nations and its political tool, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

With the study of science in Australian schools at a critically low ebb, and Green fundamentalism on the rise, particularly within your ABC and the Fairfax media, the global warming mantra has become dogma to many.

The science has been ignored in the Green religious fervour.

Professor Ian Plimer, a professor of geology at the University of Adelaide and former head of the school of earth sciences at the University of Melbourne, is an Einsteinian scientist.

Unlike the narrow-minded, he relishes the big questions.

In a new book to be titled Heaven and Earth, which will be available early next year, he points out that the IPCC modelling upon which the global warming apocalyptists base their catastrophic scenarios overlook some basic facts, including the actual history of the planet.

Earth’s climate, he notes, has always been cyclical. It has warmer periods and cooler periods.

Since the Pleistocene Ice Age (110,000-14,700 years ago) was followed by the Bolling (14,700-13,900 years ago), the cycles have seen the Older Dryas followed by the Allerod, the Younger Dryas by the Holocene warming, the Egyptian cooling by the Holocene warming, the Akkadian cooling by the Minoan warming, the Bronze Age cooling by the Roman warming, the Dark Ages by the Mediaeval warming, and the Little Ice Age (1300 AD-1850) by the present.

Further, atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide, currently demonised, have in the past been many time higher while Earth was actually cooler than it is now.

Professor Plimer asks why this science is ignored. He would also like to know why the IPCC’s models, used by Rudd and Garnaut to justify policies, do not include the heat and C02 emissions from 85 per cent of the world’s volcanoes, those under the oceans lying along 64,000km of mid-ocean ridges?

He says volcanoes on the floor of the Arctic Ocean heat the Arctic waters, that subglacial volcanoes in Antarctica erupt and exhale heat beneath the ice from hot gas vents and hot springs, but we don’t hear about them or the subglacial lakes and river systems in Antarctica.

“If human emissions, as is claimed, have given us global warming,” Professor Plimer asks, “how can we have cooling as shown by the Hadley Centre since 2003, concurrent with a rise in CO2?

“How can the Mediaeval Warming, Roman Warming, Minoan Warming and Holocene maximum be explained? There were no CO2 emitting industries yet the global temperature and sea level were higher than now.”

Professor Plimer and other scientists believe that the flaws in the so-called science upon which so many decisions are being made should be resolved before major commitments are locked in.

Rudd and Treasurer Wayne Swan are hell-bent on penalising Australians for what are no more than natural climate changes.

Worse, while talking down the economy, Rudd has also said that human-induced climate change is the greatest moral issue we face.

But if Australia changes its emissions of a trace atmospheric gas, how will this change the world?

The output of CO2 from the greatest bio-mass, bacteria, is alone of such a colossal magnitude that it renders the contribution humans make insignificant.

It’s time scientists, not cultists, were heard before our economy is sacrificed to this new religion.




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