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How not to measure temperature, part 78 – teach the children well November 27, 2008

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How not to measure temperature, part 78 – teach the children well

From Watts Up with That?, November 27, 2008

Title with apologies to Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young.

In my last post, part 77 of “How not to measure temperature” I pointed out that the National Weather Service in Upton NY has a weather station that is way out of compliance due to the way it is setup and the proximity to bias factors such as the parking lot.

There are thousands of weather stations across the USA, some run by various agencies. Often we’ll see them at national parks with interpretive displays. This one I encountered in Ely Nevada on my last road trip to finish the Nevada USHCN station surveys was part of an air quality and environmental monitoring program jointly run by the Department of Energy (DOE) and the Desert Research Institute (DRI).

It is an impressive station with multiple state of the art sensors, solar power, and a datalogger with a satellite uplink to DRI’s HQ. You can look at hourly data from the station at the CEMP DRI website here.

It is located about 2 miles northeast of town on government property, BLM land:


Ely, NV Weather Station operated by DOE/DRI -click for larger image

What is unique about this station is that it has an interpretive exhibit with live data readouts. I applaud DRI/DOE for doing this. Here are what the they look like closeup:

Read the rest , click below link




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