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November snows all over the CSIRO November 23, 2008

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November snows all over the CSIRO

From the Andrew Bolt Blog, November 23, 2008

The CSIRO warns there’ll be little winter snow by 2018:

A 2003 CSIRO report, part-funded by the ski industry, found that the resorts could lose a quarter of their snow in 15 years, and half by 2050. The worst case was a 96 per cent loss of snow by mid-century.

Five years later, we’ve had not just great snow seasons in winter, but the snow is now falling in November as well:

At Mt Hotham, the coldest place in Victoria at -2.7C, there was a surprise snowfall. Falls Creek also experienced a November fall, which residents said was the first in five years.

Which only suggests the researchers are right – the regional climate models the CSIRO peddles are junk, as the National Technical University of Athens, for instance, concluded:

The results show that models perform poorly, even at a climatic (30-year) scale. Thus local model projections cannot be credible…

Dr Roy Spencer
wouldn’t be surprised at all.




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