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Maldives: A tale of two stories November 16, 2008

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Maldives: A tale of two stories

From Australian Climate Madness, November 16, 2008

From The Age today:

Headline: Maldives sends mayday signal as seas rise

Climate change will affect the Maldives more than most places. Sea levels in the area have risen by about 20 centimetres in the past century and the UN estimates they will rise 58 centimetres more by 2100.

From The Australian on Wednesday 12 November 2008:

Our research data does not lend support to any such flooding scenario [for the Maldives], however. On the contrary, we find no signs of any ongoing sea-level rise. Our results comes from visits to numerous islands … and includes coring, levelling, sampling and carbon dating.

Present sea level was reached about 4500BC. In the past 4000 years, sea level oscillated around the present. In the past decade, there are no signs of any rise in sea level. Hence, we are able to free the islands from the condemnation to become flooded in the 21st century.

Which do you believe?



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