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Global Warming Hoax Feels the Chill November 16, 2008

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Global Warming Hoax Feels the Chill

From the Daily Bayonet, November 15, 2008

The tide is turning in the global warming debate, and alarmists are running out of excuses to explain to a confused populace the inconvenient truth that there has been no warming since 1998.  Mainstream newspapers are publishing detailed stories that throw a skeptical eye over the global warming scare, noting that there is more credible evidence for a cooling trend than a warming one.

See the New York Times ‘More on Whether a Big Chill is Nigh‘ and the UK’s Daily Mail ‘Global Warning‘ stories as examples.  There are even claims now that man-made warming (AGW) might even save the planet.

For many who have drank deep of the Al Gore kool-aid, these are very inconvenient truths to be shouted down and suppressed; but no matter how loudly they might cry ‘consensus’ and point at the UN IPCC, the facts are against them.  There has been no warming since 1998, the head of the IPCC has been caught vastly exaggerating even his own organization’s figures and NASA’s James Hansen can’t get the simple data right.  Add to the mix Al Gore’s own chicken-little ‘climate crisis’ hyperbole as he jets all over the globe enriching himself and you have a heady mix of bad science, propaganda and fraud.

The world is currently in the middle of a real crisis, an economic one, and a quick scan of any newspaper will show that governments and businesses are acting decisively and quickly to do what they believe will avert disaster.  Every one understands it to be a real crisis, even if they do not comprehend the arcane details of what brought it about.  Global warming is a fake crisis, a hoax, which is why it has never received the urgent attention of governments and businesses.  In fact, if it were not for Gore’s disaster movie and $300 million ‘we’ campaign, you can be certain that politicians and marketing people wouldn’t feel any need to go greenwashing.  Real crises don’t need a movie and an advertising campaign to get attention, they never have.

Let’s be clear, the natural state of climate is change.  Gore and his minions would have you believe that the warming is being accelerated by man’s activities, specifically carbon dioxide.  It’s nonsense, and in a few years it will be hard to find anyone that will admit they ever believed it.  The current trend of reactionary and almost totalitarian thrashing and wailing from believers signal the death throes of a cynical movement that dare not believe its time has passed.

They know now that they will be remembered as another fad, a Y2K moment of madness, and it scares them.




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