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Put global warming on to-do list November 14, 2008

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Put global warming on to-do list

From Edmonton Sun, November 13, 2008


Fellow Canadians, it’s time to start thinking of “fixing” global warming the same way we do “ending” child poverty. Or “settling” native land claims. Or “shortening” medical wait times.

Like these other issues, “fixing” global warming has become yet another meaningless promise that all politicians of all stripes will be paying lip service to in perpetuity.

One they will spend billions of our dollars “fixing” year after year. To no avail.

In the end, “fixing” global warming will be a boon only to present and future generations of lobbyists, activists, consultants and other rent-seekers who will be, in the famous phrase coined by Tom Wolfe, “mau-mauing the flak catchers” into eternity.

“Mau-mauers” are the professional whiners who perpetually haunt the corridors of federal, provincial and municipal governments, demanding ever-increasing amounts of our money to “fix” global warming.

In response, the “flak catchers” — complicit and cowed politicians — will keep shovelling our money out the door to appease them, although nothing will ever be “fixed,” prompting new demands for more money.

Don’t look to the media for help.

They’re still trying to explain why U.S. president-elect Barack Obama — the guy they’ve been describing for months as the jolly green giant, who would leave Prime Minister Stephen Harper choking in the dust on global warming — has a weaker climate change plan than Harper.


Yep. Harper’s promising to reduce Canada’s man-made greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to 3% below 1990 levels by 2020. Obama’s only promising 1990 levels by 2020.

Then again, both promises are nonsense because:

(a) neither Harper nor Obama can promise anything beyond one, four-year election cycle;

(b) both targets fall laughably short of what the Kyoto accord calls for;

(c) even if the handful of industrialized countries required to reduce emissions under Kyoto achieved their targets (most, including us, won’t), the fact the developing world, led by China and India, is exempt means Kyoto actually guarantees GHG emissions will go up, not down;

(d) both Obama and Harper support a cap-and-trade market in carbon dioxide, which has been a fiasco in Europe, where emissions are rising.

On the “bright” side, if Al Gore is right and humanity has only a few decades to change its ways before unstoppable man-made global warming fries us or drowns us, then we’re only looking at having to pay billions of dollars annually in worthless attempts to “fix” the climate, for a relatively short time.

Which would in a twisted way be comforting, if Gore himself wasn’t living an obscenely high-carbon consumption lifestyle, along with his celebrity friends, while lecturing the rest of us to take a vow of poverty, beyond the one we’re already being force-fed because of the global recession.

And no, neither Gore nor his pals can wipe out their huge carbon footprints on the Earth by retroactively purchasing “carbon offsets,” as they claim.

One effective way

Sorry. The only effective way to reduce your GHG emissions is not to emit them in the first place.

Indeed, to paraphrase environmental journalist George Monbiot: “Every time someone dies as a result of floods in Bangladesh, every pseudo-environmentalist politician, movie star, rock star, rap star and professional athlete shopping on Rodeo Drive, should be dragged out of the store and drowned.”

After all, if we’re going to be stupid about this, and, trust me, our politicians are, let’s get serious.




1. Fresh Environment - November 15, 2008

very interesting. i found this article telling me that in the next 10 years the whole earths temp will change! thats insane. i will try and find it in a sec.

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