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ABC interviews the unclean November 12, 2008

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ABC interviews the unclean

From the Andrew Bolt Blog, November 12, 2008

Green alarmist Ticky Fullerton on Lateline Business rings the leper’s bell before interviewing warming sceptic Professor Ian Plimer:

He is a geologist, not a climatologist… Ian Plimer by definition works closely with the mining industry.

Then come the questions from a woman who cannot believe a scientist could dare doubt her faith:

You are a greenhouse heretic… Is this scepticism genuine, or it it also about economic self interest?

Still, maybe this is just the ABC’s refreshingly hard-hitting style, applied to all who preach on global warming. So let’s see if Rajendra Pachauri, head of the IPCC, is similarly introduced on Lateline as “a mining engineer and economist, not a climatologist” who “by definition works closely with green groups and warming believers”:

Well, we are joined in the studio by the chairman of the Nobel Prize winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Dr Rajendra Pachuari. Dr Pachauri is an economist, engineer and environmental scientist and he’s been the head of the IPCC for the past six years. Just tonight he was awarded an honorary doctorate of science from the University of NSW.

Hmm. No leper’s bell there. But perhaps Tim Flannery, then, is introduced as “a paleontologist and mammalogist, not a climatologist” who “by definition works closely with people who pay him to scare us about global warming”:

Joining us now is Professor Tim Flannery, arguably Australia’s best known popular scientist. He’s also the author of The Weather Makers and he was recently named Australian of the Year.

No leper’s bell there, either. And no question of the offensive “are you for real, or just for the cash” kind asked of Plimer, whose own many awards didn’t get a mention last night.


I missed this classic line from Fullerton, aghast that this scientist dares to defy the real experts:

How can so many governments and the media have got it wrong?

Gosh. Where do I start?




1. GeoSavers - November 12, 2008


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