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The tide is finally turning against global warming cultists November 10, 2008

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The tide is finally turning against global warming cultists

From BrookesNews, November 10, 2008

By Viv Forbe

All over the western world, the penny is dropping. People are coming to realise that “global warming” is a phony crisis. More slowly they are learning that the misguided policies being promoted to change future climate will create real crises in energy and food supplies and costs. Already food prices have soared, and energy projects have been stopped or delayed.

Asia, Russia and the Middle East look on in disbelief as we commit economic suicide. If this man-made crisis coincides with natural global cooling (which will cause a sudden drop in food production) the world will become a cold, selfish, hungry and unpleasant place.  Not a nice legacy for our children.

The US, Germany and even UK are waking up to the danger as electoral anger on food and energy prices grows. Only the somnambulists in the South Pacific, Australia and New Zealand, are still insisting on nailing our people onto the Emissions Trading Cross. We have about 2 years to stop this hysteria from consuming our futures. But we must kill it stone dead. The great danger is that Emissions Trading will be introduced, but so slowly that almost no one will notice its introduction.

Compensation, exceptions and low rates of carbon tax will be combined with lots of make-believe green jobs. The costs will be there, prosperity will decline, but a whole cadre of people will be receiving subsidy bribes, or have jobs living on this scam. They will become a mercenary army of vested interests determined to maintain their artificial jobs and their legislated assets.  Once it is in, we will never get it out.

We will get little help from politicians and the media, until they see the turn in the tide of public opinion. They are followers not leaders. We have to reach past the media and the politicians using our own resources. The internet and word of mouth are our media. But we need lots of people relaying the messages everywhere — media, politicians and electors.

I am amazed every time a newsletter or media release like this goes out to our growing mail list. Within 30 minutes I hear it is on web sites in Canada, US, Britain, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. And several people have already reported that they have each sent it to several hundred more. Then we start getting messages or congratulations from people we have never heard of. Please keep this ball rolling.

Preaching to the Converted

People often ask about the futility of “preaching to the converted”. That is not what we are doing — we are “arming the disciples”.  We will get little assistance from traditional media, so we have to create our own circles of correspondents. We now have a worldwide network of active organizations and web sites. And our mail lists are expanding fast.




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