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Climate theory ‘like Y2K scam’ says Professor Ian Plimer November 8, 2008

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Climate theory ‘like Y2K scam’ – The Canberra Times

Professor Ian Palmer

Professor Ian Plimer

From the Tom Nelson Blog, November 7, 2008

Climate theory ‘like Y2K scam’ – The Canberra Times

Dubbed the ”inconvenient professor” by mining industry chiefs, Professor Plimer said large amounts of scientific evidence already questioned the existence of human-generated climate change.

He said scientific research in Australia was more likely to go ahead if it shadowed Government policy.

”Scientists play politics the same as everyone else,” he said in his speech, titled ”Human-induced Climate Change a Load of Hot Air”.

”I think we’ve got people playing games in politics,” he said.

”If you want the research funding and if you want the money, then … follow the money, follow the pocket of paradise, but it could actually send us broke.”

Reported ”doomsday” scenarios attributed to human-induced climate change were overstated or wrong, he said. Reports that Tuvalu would be inundated as sea levels rose had been debunked by scientists who had known since 1830 that the island nation was sinking, he said.

”The problem with Tuvalu is that it sits on a crack of the Pacific Ocean where the ocean floor is sinking: no wonder it is inundated.”.



1. Stephen Pertzel - December 10, 2008

I have long believed that the current global warming paranoir is nothing more than a major global social engineering experiment! Fuel and food cost rises where created not only to fill the coffers of oil companies but also to see if anarchy would ensue and how all levels of government would deal with it. Professor Ian Plymers talk to the Newcastle Geological Society,which I listened to on my computer, elaborated an reinforced my veiw that the earth is mearly going through a natural process. I frequently say to people that the earth probably has`nt fully come out of the last ice age yet. The only benifit to the general populace is that the debate could help to exponentialy push energy eficient technology. Many thanks.

2. Abu Nudnik - April 22, 2009

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