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Hard lesson about solar realities for NOAA/NASA October 31, 2008

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Hard lesson about solar realities for NOAA / NASA

From Watts Up with That?, October 30, 2008

Hard lesson about solar realities for NOAA / NASA

Reposted here: October 30th, 2008

by Warwick Hughes

The real world sunspot data remaining quiet month after month are mocking the curved red predictions of NOAA and about to slide underneath. Time for a rethink I reckon NOAA !!

Here is my clearer chart showing the misfit between NOAA / NASA prediction and real-world data.

Misfit NOAA / NASA prediction
Regular readers might remember that we started posting articles drawing attention to contrasting predictions for Solar Cycle 24, way back on 16 December 2006. Scroll to the start of my solar threads.

Then in March 2007 I posted David Archibald’s pdf article, “The Past and Future of Climate”. Well worth another read now, I would like to see another version of David’s Fig 12 showing where we are now in the transition from Cycle 23 to Cycle 24.
Solar Cycle 24 Prediction Issued April 2007 from NOAA / NASA

Read the rest of the article, click below link


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