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And if Global Warming Turns Out to be a Myth, So What? October 21, 2008

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And if Global Warming Turns Out to be a Myth, So What?

From the Skeptics Global Warming Blog, August 26, 2008

I recently read a comment on the Internet from a global warming activist that presented that exact same connotation. If global warming turns out to be a myth, so what? The narrow-mindedness and intense focus of climate change proponents on one issue, global warming, has the potential to cause massive economic failures globally. The lack of care, comprehension, or both with regard to anthropogenic climate change and the impact of measures designed to counteract it is completely immoral.

Global warming activists have one item on their agenda: stop climate change at all costs. The term “all costs” can mean anything from using more energy-efficient but more expensive and potentially toxic light bulbs to grinding world economies to a halt. It almost seems that climate change advocates hate progressive and successful nations as they will be the ones to feel the economic impact of any legislation designed to curb an activity that isn’t scientifically proven. As I wrote a couple of weeks ago, environmentalism isn’t a progressive movement. It’s a scheme designed to push technology backwards instead of moving us forward. And while the advent of the jet engine allows Gore and his followers to go from continent to continent preaching the gospel of global warming, its existence is also frowned upon because of its large carbon footprint.

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