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Adelaide zoos becoming climate sanctuaries October 18, 2008

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Adelaide zoos becoming climate sanctuaries

From AdelaideNow, October 18, 2008

ADELAIDE’S zoos are becoming “field hospitals in a war zone” as they try to save species threatened by climate change.

The warning has come from Dr Chris West, chief executive of the Adelaide and Monarto zoos, ahead of an international zoo conference in Adelaide next week.

Dr West said zoos would play an increasing role in protecting species from extinction by giving “climate refugees” a home.

He said the effects of climate change would destroy habitat to create environments similar to a war zone for some species.

“We’ve watched for too long critical species being overcome by habitat destruction, over-exploitation from logging, fishing, hunting, invasive species, pollution and emergent diseases,” he said.

“But now climate change is looming as a huge new horseman of the apocalypse. Zoos are getting out there and are trying to save (species).”

More than 300 of the world’s zoo and conservation leaders will attend the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums conference to discuss how zoos can help save animals from extinction and climate change.

The Adelaide and Monarto zoos are already involved in breeding and conservation programs to ensure native animal species survive in the wake of climate change, drought and disease.

Environment and Conservation Minister Jay Weatherill yesterday helped relocate endangered Yarra pygmy perch and purple spotted gudgeons into a fish tank at Cleland Wildlife Park.

He said the 10,000-litre fish tank, a new exhibit at Cleland, would help ensure the survival of the River Murray fish populations and habitats which were threatened by drought.




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