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Putting bulldozers through the economic wreckage October 17, 2008

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Putting bulldozers through the economic wreckage

By Terry McCrann

From The HeraldSun, October 17, 2008

PENNY Wong and Ross Garnaut are delusional. While Wong’s delusion is understandable, Garnaut’s is inexcusable.

Penny Wong, Australian minister of climate change

Penny Wong, Australian Minister of Climate Change and Water

Both yesterday rejected calls to postpone the start of the emissions trading scheme (ETS). Wong, because we had a “moral” duty to tackle climate change. Garnaut, because the global financial crisis was a “short-term problem”.

If the ETS is characterised for what it actually is and for what it is actually not, their shared delusion will be more obvious.

The ETS is a tax and a tax specifically on energy. If increased taxation is what we need now, why then did the Prime Minister actually hand out $10 billion last week?

What the ETS is not, is something that will do the slightest to “tackle climate change”. As even Garnaut has admitted, if we reduce our carbon emissions to zero, it will have zero – repeat zero – impact on the climate.

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