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From the Tim Blair Blog, October 16, 2008

Further glimpses into our warmy future:

A chilling world where licences are required for having children and questioning global warming is a crime could be ushered in by climate change, a report out today predicts …

The scenario is one of five potential responses to climate change described by a panel of 60 experts in the study by Forum for the Future, a sustainable development group.

Which of the five do we want? Let’s take a vote! First up:

• GOLDEN AGE: Rapid innovation in energy efficiency and new technology has enabled a low-carbon economy with almost no need for changes in lifestyle.

The result is an increasingly individualistic and consumer-focused world, with a growing divide between rich and poor.

Some call this a golden age of technology and freedom, but others call it a very shaky house of cards.

Shake on, individualistic card house! Next:

• CARBON WORLD: Carbon has become one of the most important and expensive commodities in the world, unleashing unprecedented levels of creativity across the global economy.

It has also created a new type of consumerist world, with a “share with your neighbour” ethos.

Boring. Option three:

• GREEN EUTOPIA: A “well-being” economy has come to the fore across the world, whose key values include low-impact lifestyles more quality time with family and friends, better health and a increased sense of community.

However, “free-riders” plunder resources and exploit the vulnerable.

Several large cities set themselves up as “havens of real capitalism”.

The name will have to go, but this world shows promise. Fourth:

• DRACONIAN STEPS: Tough measures have been adopted to combat climate change in a world which woke up late to the threat, pushing economies to the limit of what they can deliver.

Governments took a stronger and stronger role, rationalising industries to reduce their climate change impact, even putting “carbon monitors” in people’s homes to watch their energy use.

We’ve found a more appropriate world for that “Green Utopia” tag. Last of our candidate societies:

• OPEN WAR: Globalisation has gone into retreat and countries focus on security and access to resources at any cost.

Accusations of cheating over emissions agreements, such as through undeclared power stations, cause international co-operation to collapse.

Terrorists capitalise on the chaos to further their nationalist causes by launching devastating bio-chemical attacks.

This sounds remarkably close to that world we know as “next year or so”.



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