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From energy efficiency to war: thinktank sees 2030 climate future October 13, 2008

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From energy efficiency to war: thinktank sees 2030 climate future

Reduce your carbon emisions or face war!

Reduce your carbon emissions or face war!

PARIS (AFP) – The challenge posed by climate change could be resolved by a peaceful switch to a low-carbon economy, or alternatively inflict stresses that could include war and desertification of swathes of the US and Australia, a thinktank said on Monday.

The provocative report is published by a British NGO, Forum for the Future, which carries out strategic analysis on sustainable development on behalf of business.

It sketches a wide range of social consequences from today’s global warming crisis, derived from published studies and consultations with more than 60 climate-change specialists. It is published in collaboration with the technology giant HP.

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