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Alarmist Hansen ‘Not Interested’ in Debate October 9, 2008

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Alarmist Hansen ‘Not Interested’ in Debate

From Climate Change Fraud, October 9, 2008

James Hansen, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) staffer who has called for global warming skeptics to be tried for “crimes against humanity and nature,” has tersely declined an invitation to defend his extremist global warming views in a College of William and Mary debate.

‘Not Interested’ in Debate

Braum Katz, secretary for the Department of Student Rights at the College of William and Mary, had invited University of Virginia research professor and former Virginia state climatologist Dr. Patrick Michaels to present his case for saying global warming is not an impending crisis. Michaels accepted, expressing an eagerness to give college students an opportunity to learn more about climate science.

When Katz extended a similar invitation to Hansen, expressing a desire for students to hear differing points of view, Hansen responded with a terse, two-word email reply; “not interested.”

Controversial Behavior

In addition to calling for global warming skeptics to be put on trial under the same charges as those leveled against Nazi war criminals, Hansen has created controversy with global warming assessments far more extreme than those of most alarmists.

He also has been roundly criticized for the secretive means by which he alters raw surface temperature readings prior to releasing “cleaned up” temperature reports that assert much greater recent warming than has been reported by other climatologists and state-of-the-art NASA satellite readings.

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