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Australians ‘losing interest’ in climate change October 6, 2008

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Australians ‘losing interest’ in climate change

From News.com.au, October 6, 2008

AUSTRALIANS are getting bored with climate change, and many still doubt whether it is actually happening, says a new survey.

Only 46 per cent of Australians said they would take action on climate change if they were in charge of making decisions for Australia, a dip from 55 per cent last year, according to the Ipsos-Eureka Social Research Institute’s third annual climate change survey.

And almost one in 10 Australians (nine per cent) strongly agreed with the statement “I have serious doubts about whether climate change is occurring”. A further 23 per cent agreed to some extent.

Ipsos-Eureka director of Sustainable Communities and Environment Unit Jasmine Hoye believes Australians are becoming more concerned with other environmental issues that they can have more direct control over.

“We believe the public is currently overwhelmed by other, more pressing environmental issues – namely water and river health – and sees climate change as something that is largely out of their control,” she said.

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