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Scary stuff – Andrew, Tim and Gaia October 2, 2008

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Scary stuff – Andrew, Tim and Gaia

Andrew Denton and Prof Tim Flannery

Andrew Denton and Prof Tim Flannery

From The Australian Conservative, September 24, 2008

Hey, folks, put the kids to bed but don’t turn off their lights. In fact, switch on every light in the house. Home alone? Stay close to the phone. Andrew is coming around with that Tim guy and he’s bringing his weird friend Gaia with him.

At least, Andrew Denton was considerate enough to warn us.

“A lot of what you are about to hear is upsetting and part of you will want to stop listening and change the channel. Try to fight that urge if you can because along with the terrifying evidence at the speed and consequences of climate change, Tim Flannery has some clear and simple ideas on how we can change direction before it is too late.”

So went the introduction to Denton’s Monday evening chat with one of Australia’s high priests of climate change, Professor Tim Flannery.

Denton’s show Enough Rope is aptly named because host Andrew Denton cut Professor Flannery plenty of slack when it came to exaggeration and fear.

It really is a matter of concern that the national broadcaster allows alarmists like Flannery to come on and make all sorts of extravagant and highly dubious claims and pass it all off as self-evident truth.

First he started out with a stiff dose of Lovelock environmental theology.

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