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Convenience stores under attack by global warming zealots September 28, 2008

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Convenience stores under attack by global warming zealots

From Watts Up with That?, September 28, 2008

Now I’ve heard everything. Talk about your “Kyoto protocol”. The original source of this silliness comes from the city of Kyoto. In June, in a bid to reduce greenhouse gases and perhaps become a nationally designated “model environmental city,” the municipal government indicated it would request convenience stores to “voluntarily refrain” from staying open all night.

No Slushee for you!

You can read the complete story here in Japan Today. The worst part about this is the complete lack of understanding about where the major energy use is. Closing the store may result in some energy savings from lighting, but the main power use, refrigeration systems, and that Slushee machine, will still operate.

No more midnight Slushee! Maybe the real reason is the “exploitation of the polar bear” on the cup.

Here is more, a response from the Japan Franchise Association

Convenience stores defend 24-hour operations

September 27th, 2008 by Jame, Japanprobe.com

Read the rest of the article, click below link



1. Leonie - September 29, 2008

They would hardly be convenient any more, will have to give them a new name. As someone else said and it’s worth repeating, the only saving would be on lighting, all the refrigeration must stay on and with the low wattage flouros usually the lighting what the heck would it achieve? It’s like emptying the ashtrays to lighten the ship.

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